Apply for a payday loan no credit check

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A payday loan no credit check is taken for different purposes. Some consumers want to finance a vehicle or pay bills. We at offer payday loans no credit check.

The Bankive offers the loan 70,000 euros with an annual percentage rate of interest between 3.99 percent and 10.99 percent. The credit rate at this bank is 706.02 euros. The repayment term is given as 120 months, equivalent to ten years.

At the general civil servant bank, the 70000 euro credit is offered without a processing fee. The bank offers the loan with an interest rate of 5.95 percent. The customer must pay a monthly installment of 769.91 euros for this offer.

The extra credit offer has an APR of between 9.95 percent and 15.95 percent. The term is 120 months. The loan rate starts at 906.67 euros.

Conditions of the provider

With the 70000 euro credit, customers must observe the basic requirements. At Bankive, the client must be employed for three months in the same company. A probationary period is excluded.

A fixed-term employment contract may not end before the repayment term.
In the case of the Gen Servants Bank, applications are accepted only if the applicant is a civil servant or works in the civil service. The applicant must be employed in the same establishment for at least half a year.

A probationary period may no longer exist. With the extra credit belongs to the basic conditions an indefinite employment relationship. The borrower may be civil servant or retire when applying for a € 70000 loan.

Borrowing with collateral

Since the loan is very high, lenders will often require credit security. If it is an official, often no one is required. This is due to the almost non-terminable employment relationship. Workers are less fortunate.

Even if an income is available, additional credit security often has to be provided. Guarantees are rarely accepted. A guarantor must be available for ten years. So there must already be a non-terminable employment relationship. In most cases, the bank offers residual debt insurance.

This is only advantageous if there are no other safeguards. If the borrower can prove life insurance, the residual debt insurance is superfluous. Even such an offer should be waived.

70000 euro credit – debt rescheduling

Who wants to use the loan 70000 euros for debt restructuring, should pay a lot. Not always the replacement of the loan is free. It should first be calculated how much the replacement will cost. The bank loses money through the early repayment of the old loan.

This they try to capture with a fee. A credit comparison can help you get a better deal from a loan of 70000 euros. The annual percentage rate is just as important as special rates.

These plan to be able to make a special repayment once a year for free. Some providers also offer a free rate break. All this should be considered when deciding on a loan 70000 euros.