10 anime characters you didn’t know were left-handed


Statistically, about 90% of the world’s population would be right-handed, while the remaining 10% would be left-handed. However, the precision of this number is unclear, as many countries still harbor negative feelings about left-handers. Culturally speaking, left-handed people have often been considered unlucky or malicious because they do not match the majority of right-handed people.

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This has led to many superstitious discriminations against lefties, including forcing them to use their non-dominant hand, forever altering the dexterity of their dominant hand. Fortunately, those negative connotations are fading in modern times, as evidenced by the inclusion of left-handed characters in various anime. Usually a character’s maneuverability goes unnoticed as they are often only evoked by flashing details and you will be missed.

ten Ushijima takes advantage of his left-handed side (Haikyuu!)

Wakatoshi Ushijima was the number one ace on his volleyball team while a student at Shiratorizawa Academy in Haikyuu. One of Ushijima’s most surprising traits is that he’s left-handed, a trait that served him well when playing volleyball in high school.

Since left-handed people are generally less common in the population, most volleyball players are used to countering right-handed people. Ushijima was able to surprise his opponents with his left-handed approach, which gave his team an advantage. Notably, Ushijima’s mother tried to rid him of his left-hander, but his father insisted he stay left-handed.

9 Santoryu demands that Zoro be skilled with his left hand (One Piece)

Roronoa Zoro’s signature fencing, Santoryu, requires Zoro to hold a sword in each hand and one in his mouth. Since each arm is busy, Zoro needs to be skilled with each arm as well. Some fans have noticed that Zoro tends to favor his left side when fighting with a single sword, indicating that his left hand might be his dominant hand.

It should be noted that Zoro wears his scabbarded swords on his right hip. Swordsmen carry swords on the side of their non-dominant hand so that they can shoot with their dominant hand.

8 Kagami is strictly left-handed (Lucky Star)

lucky star kagami hiiragi

Whether she writes or eats, Kagami Hiiragi proudly holds her pencils, pens and chopsticks with her left hand in Good star. Most of the human population is right-handed, so it’s common for creators to go with the default. In other words, awkwardness is not something that people actively think about.

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Corn Good starThe creator of, Kagami Yoshimizu, is also left-handed. It is possible that he chose the dominant hands of his characters with his own dominant hand in mind. It is also possible, however, that there has not been much thought given since most Good starthe cast of is left-handed.

7 Ed’s Automail arm prompted him to change dominant hand (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Edward rests his face against his fist

In his present form, Edward Elric writes with his left hand in Fullmetal Alchemist. But in his youth, before failing in human transmutation, Ed is shown writing with his right hand.

After losing his dominant arm in the human transmutation accident, Ed had to do without his dominant hand and he had to learn to use his left hand instead. But even after getting his automail arm, Ed still uses his left hand to write, suggesting that his automail arm may be a bit clunkier than his human arm.

6 Videl is seen throwing left-handed baseball (Dragon Ball Z)

At the very least, Videl Satan is ambidextrous in Dragon ball z. She has seen writing and throwing baseball throws with her left hand, but in scenes where she eats she holds chopsticks in her right hand.

It is not known why she uses her right hand to eat, but what is evident is that she uses her left hand for most other activities. If Videl is truly ambidextrous, it seems reasonable to assume that her left hand is more dominant than her right.

5 Mio plays left-handed bass (K-ON!)

Mio Akiyama (K-On!)

Although she could be seen writing with her left hand in the show, it would still be impossible to mistake Mio’s dominant hand as she plays left-handed bass guitar in the show. K-ON!. Specifically, Mio uses a left-handed Fender Japan ’62 Reissue Jazz Bass in 3-Tone Sunburst color.

K-ON! is known for his attention to detail with the instruments in the series, which makes him a treat for music lovers. Interesting way, K-ON! ‘Manga author Kakifly is also left-handed. It is suggested that Mio is left-handed since the mangaka is also left-handed.

4 The train becomes louder and more precise with his left hand (black cat)

Heartnet Train Smiling Black Cat

Initially, Train Heartnet is left-handed in Black cat. But after his breakup with Creed Diskenth and Chronos, Train begins a new chapter in his life by getting rid of everything in his old one. This included his dominant hand, as Train learns to use his weapon with his right hand instead.

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But although ambidextrous, he avoids using his left hand as much as possible because he wants to forget his past. When Train gets serious in a fight, he can switch to his left hand, greatly improving his aim and performance.

3 Haruko plays left-handed baseball and has a left-handed bass guitar (FLCL)

FLCLHaruko Haruhara’s most mysterious and energetic character is a confirmed southpaw. In the baseball episode, Haruko throws and hits both as a southpaw. But more obviously, Haruko is never far from his Azureglo Rickenbacker 4001c64 left-handed electric bass guitar from 1974.

Notably, whenever she swings her guitar to activate Naota Nandaba’s power, she usually does so with her left hand. And whenever she sees her playing the guitar, she naturally does it with her left hand. Haruko’s dominant hand isn’t anime-centric, so it’s a character detail that’s easy to miss.

2 Tsukasa is left-handed like her twin sister (Lucky Star)

lucky star tsukasa hiiragi

Although Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi have very different personalities, they do share certain qualities in Good star. Their dominant hand is a trait they share, as both sisters are left-handed, like most Good star‘s cast.

In fact, only two of the Good starThe characters are not left-handed: Konata Izumi, who is ambidextrous, and Patricia Martin, who is the only right-handed character in the series. It seems unrealistic that so many lefties have gathered in one place when they are rarer than righties, but it is also a detail that makes Good star come out.

1 Zero Two is seen drawing with his left hand (Darling In The Franxx)

Towards the end of Darling in the Franxx, Hiro slowly transforms into a human hybrid Klaxo Sapien after piloting with Zero Two. Hiro and Zero Two both have conflicting feelings of fear and intimacy about this development and the scene is quite touching, so it’s easy to miss that Zero Two is seen grabbing a pencil with his left hand. Although she has also seen her right hand used at other times in the series, the fact that she is good enough to draw pictures with her left hand suggests that she is more skilled with her left hand.

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