New experience platform built on trust and transparency announces global launch, aimed at millennials and Gen Z viewers looking to discover new music

LOS ANGELES, February 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Alloweda new experiential ticketing platform designed to unlock access to the world’s most in-demand events and experiences, today announced its public launch and $3 million seed investment. From concert tours and live events to unique auctions that benefit important causes, Granted is disrupting the ticketing market in ways never before possible. Offering tickets to concerts and sporting events around the world, the company is on a mission to be the leading technology platform creating a deeper connection between artists and fans. Granted aims to develop a secondary market providing artists with the creator royalties they deserve and prioritizing user engagement over gross sales.

Tired of the age-old and traditionally male ticketing industry, Granted is a women-owned and operated company with lofty goals to achieve greater social impact in all aspects of its product and service offerings. Founded on the principles of trust and transparency, Granted creates a fairer ticketing and experiences platform for all parties involved. The company aims to address the flaws in today’s ticketing market head-on, not only for fans, but also for artists who strive to deliver unique experiences to their fans and loyal subscribers.

“2022 will be the year Grant spreads its wings,” said Shayma Hesari, CEO of Granted. “We’ve spent 2021 building a custom platform that’s both nimble and user-friendly. The coming year will be about adding new features that help discover new and emerging artists, build streams more appealing purchases to consumers and the announcement of unique activations and fans VIP partnerships Ultimately, we’re just fans of music This industry has operated the same way for far too long , it’s time to shake things up.

Designed for Millennials, Gen Z viewers and fans of all ages looking to experience new music, the Granted platform includes three unique product offerings: live event tickets for concerts and sporting events, unique VIP packages for concert tours and a once in a lifetime artist and athlete auction to benefit the talent’s chosen charity. Remaining nimble in the market, Granted has also designed, developed and created custom NFTs and has the ability to accept cryptocurrency on its platform.

Granted is also a global provider of VIP experiences, offering access to exclusive tour packages, meet and greet upgrades, and early entry upgrades. VIP partnerships granted in 2022 include: The Kid LAROI and Rotimi tours, with exclusive tour dates and events currently available. Prices for event tickets and experiences through Granted are competitive and align with the current ticketing market and VIP package pricing, with Granted bids ranging from $500$30,000.

Previous experiences granted include: Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather VIP Packages, Saquon Barkley NFT Auction, The Grove XXIII Golf Experience for four guests, Meet Klay Thompson at a Golden State Warriors game, FaceTime with Shaquille O’Neal and get a follow from Shaq on Instagram, Party with Kygo, Zedd and Gryffin.

About Granted
Granted is on a mission to make every experience memorable. As an experience platform and VIP provider, Granted is dedicated to creating a deeper and more meaningful connection between artists and fans. In its first year, Granted delivered exclusive premium offerings across sports, music and entertainment with amazing talents like The Kid LAROI, Zedd, Klay Thompson, Logan Paul, Saquon Barkley, etc. For more information visit, www.granted.co.

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