Album review: Rage Of Light – Redemption

Album review: Rage Of Light - Redemption

Record brings dazzling music

The Swiss metal band Rage Of Light was formed in 2015 by Jonathan Pellett (Trophallaxy and Dysrider), and in the same year Pellett chose singer Melissa Bonny and guitarist Noé Schüpbach to be part of Rage Of Light. In 2016, the group released their first EP In pursuit of a reflection, then in 2018, the group signed a huge contract with Napalm Records, which led them to release their first album imploder. Shortly after the debut of their debut album, Rage Of Light began to tour, but things came to a standstill when the pandemic hit the world. In 2021, Bonny decided to step down from the group to focus on other musical projects and when Bonny left, Pellett and Schüpbach chose singer Martyna Halas (Ascend The Hollow and Telergy) to become the third member of Rage Of. Light.

Earlier this month, the band released their second album Redemption, and each track is filled with dynamic vocal performances from Pellett and Halas. Schüpbach’s guitar playing shakes the soul with choppy riffs. Pellett’s drum / keyboard set contributes to the havoc with a bleeding ear sound. Although Redemption is the band’s second album, Rage Of Light proves how much they can thrive in today’s metal scene.

The thunderous “Iciness” has a powerful vocal performance from Pellettt and Halas. The chemistry between Pelt and Halas is so strong because the two singers have different styles, and when their talents collide, the noise is incredible. “Iciness” is the first song on the album, and both singers know how to shock people with their vocals.

“Crusade for the Sun” is a headbanger that carries a heart-shaking drum played by Pellett. It’s nice to hear a musician who knows how to play deep, rheumatic beats that match the same tone the rest of the band is playing. Plus, the way he quickly changes drum style brings a feeling of rock and metal. “Crusade for the Sun” is a shattering song that shows how Pellett is able to create his own madness through his playing on the drums.

A booming track, “Chasing a Reflection” has a guitar playing just from Schüpbach. Throughout this piece, Schüpbach creates accurate riffs capable of shaking the veins of those who listen to him. The best part is the bass guitar‘s deep notes due to how each rumble adds an extra touch of craziness. Schüpbach plays some excellent riffs on “Chasing a Reflection”, and people might find themselves playing aerial guitar while music blaring from the speaker.

Mystical “Breaking Infinity” is a composition which has a wonderful keyboard playing by Pellett. Besides singing and playing the drums, Pellett can bring creativity with his keyboard skills. The sound of the piano playing lightly in the background brings a nice mix of calm and madness, and the keyboard keeps listeners engaged. “Breaking Infinity” is a song well played by Pellett.

The beautiful “Beyond” is a little different from the rest of the tracks. The group plays at the harmonic level. Although there is a loud bang of metal towards the end, the vocals of Pellett and Halas are magnificent due to the way the two singers sing with passion, and the bold instrumentation matches the harmonic style with a sharp sound. “Beyond” is magnificent in the way the vocal and musical arrangements are beautifully played.

Rage Of Light has his feet on the accelerator pedal with Redemption, and the group has a bright future ahead of them.


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