Alex Johnson Hotel Hosts Annual New Year’s Party

RAPID CITY, SD – With New Years Eve comes a night of fun for the Rapid City area, like the Alex Johnson Hotel.

Returning this year is their annual event complete with their annual Ball Drop, with thousands of people expected at Sixth Street for the show.

A blanket fee of $ 25 will get you access to the festivities, including prizes and cash gifts

“So if you want to get down to downtown Rapid City, there’s going to be a lot going on,” hotel manager Billi de Rudder said. “At midnight we will do the bullet drop, which is quite famous for this area. We’ve got Flannel playing in the ballroom, we’ll have a DJ in the lobby here, and we’ll have acoustic guitar in The Vertex. So whatever your level is, it should be a great time here.

Hotel managers also have fun surprises and new additions to the party.

“We also have a new band, our new acoustic guitarists that we’ve never had before. A group that will be at Vertex, we are really looking forward to them. One of them may or may not be an employee of the Alex Johnson hotel, so we are delighted for him and his group, ”Billi added. “But we have a lot to do. We will have a champagne theme this year. So there will be a few different champagne tours around the hotel, and we’ve never done that before either. So we are delighted to have everyone downtown and to stay warm inside the hotel.

The event inside the hotel begins at 9 p.m. on New Years Eve.

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