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The backyard show series returned this fall to a packed house on a Friday night

Huy Huynh

Hannah Geller’s guitarist rips their guitar solo during the performance.

Aztec Music Group’s (AMG) recent event on September 30 was a great success. The student organization featured six consecutive performances from Hannah Geller, Matty Thomas, JMaTy, Thani, Steves, and Supercool! as a headliner.

The event was held off campus on Dorothy Way. As the doors opened at 5:30 p.m., students filled the back patio as the bands did their sound checks before Hannah Geller performed.

Last semester, Supercool!, a multi-genre, 11-piece band, debuted at another AMG event. Members, RJ Maes and Graham Sanders, talked about the headliner of this event.

“We’re happy to be a part of it this year and excited to play with so many great artists,” Maes said. “This event is a great opportunity for artists to come together because we are all very promising.”

Sanders commented on the AMG stage and shared that their band consisted of a genre-expanding sound, which included a five-piece horn section, conventional bass, drums, keys, and guitar.

“We’re definitely not the default AMG genre here. Super cool! is like an indie punk send-off with funk, pop, soul, R&B, that kind of stuff,” Sanders said. “AMG is ideal for anyone looking to get involved in the music scene here at SDSU.”

Everyone connected to AMG values ​​working in the local music industry, whether promoting their music as an artist or entering the business side of it.

Zen Yokel, President of the Aztec Music Group, spoke about its inner workings and events life on campus.

“Music is something that we try to foster for anyone trying to sell themselves as artists,” Yokel said. “We put on shows that they can perform in and we put on on-campus and off-campus events for these artists.”

AMG also continues to do a lot of music outreach in San Diego.

Max Zimmer plays keyboard for Matty Thomas. (Alex Lai)

“Balboa Park, for the Save Starlight initiative, is an old place that has gone out of business and is trying to be restored,” Yokel said. “We will be looking for the artists for this initiative, and it will be an amazing time with a lot of awareness from AMG.”

Locally, it can be difficult for SDSU students with musical aspirations to connect with other artists in the area, as the city has not always been a known hotspot for music outside of Stone Temple Pilots, Blink-182 and Slightly Stoopid.

Jacob Matro of JMaTy, a hip-hop and rap genre performer at AMG’s event, spoke about what the event meant to an up-and-coming artist on campus.

“San Diego hasn’t been the most diverse music city, but we’re trying to make it more diverse as students,” Matro said. “This event is free for us, like how we perform for free, so it brings music to people and builds a fan base.”

For more information on artists at AMG events and to stay up to date with the latest AMG events coming up, visit or @aztecmusicgroup on Instagram.

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