Beesley and Thornton share Netflix, hate shrimp and beets


Beesley and Thornton share a Netflix, hate shrimp and beets, and might lift too much on this week’s quick red zone hits.

Last week, guests Andrew Kamienski and Ben Wong They were asked what foods they could eat each day. This week, Jake Beesley and Jarod Thornton were asked what foods they wouldn’t eat for a hundred dollars.

Beesley was quick to say “shrimp” no matter how they’re prepared, and he just found them disgusting. Thornton began by responding generically “vegetables,” but eventually moved to beets as where he would firmly draw the line.

Then, when asked what TV show or movie they can watch over and over again, the two revealed that they actually share a Netflix account and therefore are always aware of what the other is watching.

Beesley said he recently took part in Netflix’s “Squid Game,” the streaming service’s latest hit on adults risking death for the possibility of a huge cash prize by participating in children’s games. Thornton said he recently reviewed “Avatar: The Last Airbender” after initially watching it as a child when it aired on Nickelodeon.

Finally, they were asked what music they would consider to be the artist or song of their guilty pleasure. They didn’t get embarrassing stereotypical responses, but agreed that much of the heavy metal music that is often played in the gym when the team is training has crept into their general music rotation despite the fact. that neither of them is really a fan of this.

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