Ben Affleck once said he felt ‘rude’ with Jennifer Lopez


In the early 2000s, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were one of Hollywood’s most famous celebrity couples. While many envied the couple’s relationship, it turns out Affleck wasn’t a fan of his and Lopez’s romance at the time. Not only did he go so far as to say their relationship was bad for his film career, the actor also admitted to feeling “disgusting” dating the superstar.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the California Premiere of “Gigli” | Chris Weeks / FilmMagic

Ben Affleck shared once he felt “smothered” in his relationship with Jennifer Lopez

Affleck and Lopez’s romance began in 2001. After meeting on the set of their movie Gigli, the couple started dating. Eventually, they got engaged and became one of the sexiest couples in Hollywood.

Although they seemed to have a bright future ahead of them, Affleck and Lopez called off the wedding ceremony in 2003 after being harassed by the media. The following year, Lopez confirmed through a rep that she and Affleck had decided to break up for good.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck attending the 2003 film premiere “DareDevil”| Gregg DeGuire / WireImage

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After quitting, the two moved on with their lives while focusing on their respective careers.

Although J.Lo has been fairly silent about their romance and breakup over the years, the Pearl Harbor The star had a few things to say about her relationship with the singer after their split.

In 2009 Affleck said in the UK Now magazine that he felt “disgusting” when he dated the “If You Had My Love” singer.

“I should never have gotten engaged and never taken this route. I thought I wanted certain things, but I didn’t. I got lost and felt suffocated, miserable and disgusting, ”he said, by “Being in the middle of a tabloid frenzy, it got so intense I had to stop and think, ‘What am I doing with my life? “”

The actor added that being harassed by the paparazzi over his relationship with J.Lo took a heavy toll on him as he no longer felt in control of his life.

“I had to smile for the cameras, but I was really in turmoil,” he continued. “I was no longer in control of my life and I didn’t know where to turn. I felt like a hamster in a cage. The faster my legs went, the less distance I seemed to walk.

Ben Affleck has a big regret over his romance with J.Lo

In addition to calling aspects of his relationship with J.Lo “miserable,” Affleck also revealed that he deeply regrets their romance. One being her cameo in the “Jenny from the Block” music video.

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According to Irish Examiner, the Goodwill hunting the actor felt that this was hurting his career a bit.

“If I have one big regret, it was making the clip,” he explained. “But it happened years ago. I’ve evolved.

But despite his feelings for the video, the actor insisted he was not pointing fingers at Lopez for his diving career.

“That not only makes me look like a petulant jerk (to blame Lopez), but it surely qualifies as a non-gentleman? FYI, has she hurt my career? No,” he said.

Luckily for Affleck, his career eventually picked up with him starring in films such as Argo (2012) and the critically acclaimed thriller Missing girl (2014).

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are reportedly back

Although their love affair caused quite a bit of upheaval in her life a few years ago, Affleck’s feelings for Lopez have never faded.

Since their split, the two have remained friends and have supported each other over the years. Affleck even served as one of the singer’s biggest support systems after she called off her engagement to Alex Rodriguez in April 2020.

After his breakup with Rodriguez, Lopez began spending a lot of quality time with Affleck. Not only were they hanging out in Los Angeles, but the couple recently took a trip to Montana, sparking rumors of reconciliation.

Although the state of their relationship was not clear at first, insiders recently reported that the ancient flames are giving their romance another chance as they “hope” things will work out between them this time around – this.

“J.Lo and Ben are really a couple and have told friends they are together,” a source said. Entertainment tonight. “When they first reconnected they must have seen if the spark was still there because it had been a while. It was, so now they’re both fully in it.

As of this writing, neither Lopez nor Affleck have responded to rumors that they are together again.

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