Bluegrass bassist Jason Moore dies

Monday, November 22, 2021 – Jason Moore, bassist for Sideline, died Sunday at 48.

Moore was also a member of Mountain Heart and the James King Band before becoming a member of Sideline.

Bluegrass Today reported that Sideline performed at the Meadowgreen Appalachian Music Park in Clay City, Ky. On Saturday. The band were about to leave Sunday morning for a concert in Ohio. Moore climbed the first step of the bus, then fell back apparently having a heart attack. A group member’s CPR briefly revived him in the parking lot, but he died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Sideline co-founder Steve Dilling posted on Facebook: “Jason, you’ve been by my side for so many years now, whether it’s on stage, on the bus, or watching a football game. I will always love you and cherish all the good times we had and the music we made in Sideline. Rest in peace, my brother! ”

Brian Smith, whose first management client was Mountain Heart, said, “Jason Moore was the bassist for Mountain Heart and I knew the first time we met I had a lifelong friend. Even after we split up as business partners five years later, we still remained friends and we didn’t just shake hands when we saw each other … we hugged and laughed! ”

“Jason was a happy guy, always smiling and made everyone around him happy. His family was dear to him, his friends were important to him and his music supported him.”

Violin Ace Michael Cleveland posted: “In 2000, while playing with Rhonda Vincent, I participated in a 20 minute jam session in London, Kentucky, which changed my way of thinking about music forever. . Audie Blaylock said we have to jam with Tom because nobody can play Jimmy Martin groove on the banjo like Tom Adams. Tom was playing with Blue Highway at the time and he told us they had about 20 minutes before the bus left and we were going to be leaving with Rhonda soon so we had to hurry and put this jam together. I think it was Audie who asked Jason to play, neither of us had ever chosen with him before . Within 20 minutes, I had a lesson in groove that I will never forget and Jason Moore became my favorite bass player. My condolences to Jason’s family, his fellow students and everyone who has had the opportunity to play with him.

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