BONES – Vomit – Hell’s Toilet

I don’t mean to alarm you, but there may be a bone or bones inside of you right now!

It’s almost Halloween, so you know what that means, right? Sexy Eddie Munson, Slutty Black Adam, Liz Truss costumes still in use! Wait, no. It is not fair. It means embracing the weirdo inside and being all about blood, guts and gross bodily fluids. More on the Toilet In Hell Podcast we’ve been watching horror movies all month, but sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes you need to hear things vomit. This is where BONES comes in.

With current and former members of Usurper, Chicago’s BONES is the death metal version of a Troma film. Like eating sushi at a gas station, their latest single “Vomit” starts off messy and gets even more nauseating from there. The drums are spinning, the riffs are voluminous and the vocals are drenched in half-digested goo. Every second of “Vomit” is an exorcist-style pea soup projectile that has the listener gagging in sickening pleasure. What I’m trying to say is that this song is gross.

BONES bassist/vocalist Jon Necromancer says:

“This pile of sleaze just fell into place. I always wanted to write a song about vomit. It’s a topic that’s been neglected for too long IMHO, so I’ve had some pukey lyrics stuck in my head for a few years. When the music for this thing came together, it was obvious this had to be the one. Look for the Vomit Solo about 2/3 of the way…”

Let’s be rude:

To throw up will spit on October 28 via Trouble records. You can pre-order the album here. On the 29th, the group organizes a album release show to Reggies with autopsy, cardiac arrest and caster. Make sure all your moves and boosters are up to date.

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