Cardi B & Karrueche Tran at the grocery store on ‘Cardi Tries’ – Billboard

Cardi B is back with a new episode of Cardi tries___, and this time, she heads to the grocery store with Karrueche Tran.

In the new episode, which aired Tuesday, November 30 on Facebook Watch, the “Up” rapper and her model friend revisit Cardi’s past as a teenage grocery clerk by donning aprons at a local Fields market in Canoga. Park, California.

Visiting the produce section, the couple stock up on apples while exchanging stories about being fired from a supermarket and Mrs. Fields cookie shop before their stacking job crashed into the ground. (“Do we have to throw it out or can we wash them,” Cardi says as she struggles frantically to keep more apples from falling to the ground.)

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After slicing watermelons, Cardi and Karrueche are forced to stop at the rapper’s least favorite department at the grocery store: the meat counter. “I’m going to eat it again, I just need two days to get over it,” Cardi said after cutting the fat off a few three-tipped steaks. “This here I avoid all the time. I don’t like raw meat.

During the episode, the duo also cleaned up a mess of dog food in Aisle Six – where Karrueche learned she could “twerk and clean at the same time” – and held the cash register, which the Pregnant Cardi’s jokes gave her “PTSD”. At least she remembered the eggs had to be wrapped separately!

As a thank you, Cardi and Karrueche end the episode by giving store workers two weeks of paychecks and a cute card shouting out to essential workers everything they’ve done during the pandemic.

Watch the latest episode of Cardi tries___ below.

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