Coachella is coming to Fortnite

fortnite adds Coachella to its long, long (long) list of in-game collaborations. The annual music festival today announced its partnership with developer Epic Games to release Coachella-themed skins and gameplay features for its first foray into the game.

These days, Coachella is as famous for its performances as it is for the outfits the attendees wear – so it’s only fitting that both come to fortnite. Coachella will release two sets of skins to coincide with weekends one and two of the music festival, starting April 14 and April 22. The outfits, inspired by the Coachella style, react to the music played in the game. The first group of items are on sale in the fortnite shop at 8 p.m. ET tonight.

In addition to the skins, Coachella will also be taking over the Icon radio in-game, and players will be able to listen to music from over 30 artists from this year’s festival lineup while fortnite Vehicles.

While this is the first time Coachella has entered the game, it’s far from the first musical partnership. fortnite has focused more on music and live events in recent years: Marshmello and Ariana Grande have performed and artists have participated in music events built into the game’s creative mode. Epic has even built a studio for concerts in-game, saying the Fortnite stage should be considered a tour stop.

the fortnite This partnership is part of a larger Coachella push this year toward digital festival components. The festival has released several sets of NFTs and mobile AR features for attendees ahead of the festival.

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