Coldplay fans confuse with five of 12 songs being emojis on new Music of the Spheres album


I’ve been talking about Coldplay’s highly anticipated new album for a while and couldn’t wait to see what they were going to come up with as they officially unveiled Music Of The Spheres last night.

But while I had bet on clever illustrations and a stylish theme, like on their previous releases, the band’s love for reinvention went beyond what I could have imagined.


Coldplay is likely to cause Spotify and co headaches after dropping words for the names of five of their new album tracksCredit: Getty – Contributor
The songs are represented by a planet, the Earth, a heart symbol, a few stars and the infinity symbol.


The songs are represented by a planet, the Earth, a heart symbol, a few stars and the infinity symbol.

The cover art of their ninth album, due out October 15, reveals a 12-song tracklist, which includes the single Higher Power and the upcoming release Coloratura – released this Friday before another single in September.

But the boys are likely to give Spotify et al a headache after dropping the words for the names of five of the tracks and giving them emojis as the titles instead.

The songs are represented by a planet, the Earth, a heart symbol, a few stars and the infinity symbol.

And in a handwritten note from the band, frontman Chris Martin, guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion – along with creative director Phil Harvey – the boys revealed that the record was produced entirely by Max Martin. , the pop supremo behind Britney Spears, among other big names.

The post added: “Thanks for listening, or coming to the shows, or anyway we met through the music.”

And in a nod to the record’s alien theme, the band said, “Everyone’s an alien somewhere.”

The decision to use emojis as track names comes after Chris previously revealed the band had considered the idea but encountered resistance from label bosses and streaming giants.

He said, “We’re trying to have the very first album with songs that are just called emojis. But this proves tricky because of all the service providers. Some of them say, “You can’t do that”.

“You have literally ten million songs in one box. Let’s have a picture of an apple for a song, or something like that. It is therefore under negotiation.

I guess I now know who won this battle.

Firm stripe ‘gold

RAYE parted ways with Polydor to become independent after slamming the label last month.

The Brit Award nominee said on Twitter that the record bosses insisted she was more successful before letting her release a full album.

Now the singer, whose Bed collaboration with Joel Corry and David Guetta is the best-selling song of the year by a British female artist, has left Polydor after seven years on her roster.

She tweeted: “I am so grateful to them for giving me a graceful and smooth exit to begin my next chapter as an artist.”

Good for her.

DJ in the spotlight

DJ legend Pete Tong will be honored at the Music Industry Trusts Awards for his outstanding contribution to music and broadcasting.

The Radio 1 star’s career spans more than 30 years and will be celebrated at the gala ceremony to benefit the Brit Trust and Nordoff Robbins at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London on November 1.

The Who’s Roger Daltrey and Glasto organizer Michael Eavis have won the award in the past.

Britney retaliates

BRITNEY Spears’ new attorney has pledged to ‘act aggressively’ to end the guardianship that has seen Daddy Jamie control much of his life for the past 13 years.

Mathew Rosengart was added to his team last week and is already considering releasing them.

He said from Los Angeles: “My company and I are moving aggressively and quickly to petition to remove Jamie Spears unless he resigns first.”

For the first time, the singer was allowed to choose who represented her after the departure of court-appointed lawyer Sam Ingham following her explosive count last month slamming the guardianship.

Now it seems more and more likely that Britney will finally be released.

Celebrity is “rude”

TONES and I prepare to step away from the spotlight because the celebrity makes her feel “gross“.

The singer, real name Toni Watson and best known for Dance Monkey who spent 11 weeks at No1 in 2019, said she plans to write for other people.

She told Australian Radio: “I don’t know how long I’m going to be Tones and me. In reality, I’m going to give myself another four years, then I want to be a songwriter.

“As soon as my sanity doesn’t want to do that, I stop. I don’t insist on it, I want to be happy.

Kylie throws the sorbet

KYLIE Minogue looks extra sweet here after launching her own sherbet.

The Can’t Get You Out Of My Head singer posed in a green dress against a photo of a garden hanging on a brick wall in the photo she shared on Instagram.

Kylie posed in a green dress against a photo of a garden hanging on a brick wall


Kylie posed in a green dress against a photo of a garden hanging on a brick wallCredit: Christian Vermaak

And despite being 10,500 miles from Down Under, she’s still working hard to launch her treat in London.

The luxury sorbet is flavored with Kylie’s own range of rosé wines, which she launched last year, and is sold for £ 10 ice-brained at Colette delicatessen in Chelsea, near her home in the West London.

She has been living in her hometown of Melbourne since the end of December, avoiding British lockdowns – then getting caught in Australian lockdowns.

Kylie is welcome anytime, especially for her long-awaited Disco tour.

Bieber bracelet

HAILEY Bieber has ended speculation that she and her pop star husband Justin are having their first child.

He expressed his desire to start a family, but model Hailey quickly insisted it wasn’t on the cards right now after sharing a photo of them on Instagram with the caption: “Mum and dad . “

Fans assumed she was a tease and commented, “Baby on the way?” and: “Wait what? MOM AND DAD?!”

But Hailey wrote: “I think maybe you should change this caption to Mom and dad dog before someone twists it.

Gary is back on track

GARY Barlow put the brakes on his attempt to become the new Joe Wicks after admitting that, like me, he gained weight during the lockdown.

The Take That singer has posted bootcamps and workout tips on social media, but fears cheating on his fans.

He said, “Recently I’ve felt a little more responsible for social media, so I haven’t specifically posted any fitness or nutrition posts because I don’t want to influence people for the wrong reasons.

“I make music, sing and write, but I’m not a fitness and nutrition professional. Losing weight is not easy and it gets more difficult with age.

“I’m probably a little heavier than usual, but I really don’t care at the moment.

“I just feel like I need a little more healthy food, I’m definitely a bit off the beaten path. Although “thinking outside the box” really has nothing to complain about. “

Kate’s shocking horror show

KATE Beckinsale looked great in this short patterned suit at Jolt’s Los Angeles premiere.

But his character in the movie isn’t that cool, calm, and collected. In fact, the concept sounds ridiculous.

Kate looked great in this patterned cropped suit to Los Angeles premier de Jolt


Kate looked great in this patterned cropped suit to Los Angeles premier de JoltCredit: Rex

Kate plays a bouncer with such a furious temper that she keeps him under control with a vest lined with electrodes.

But after the death of her first love, she lashes out for revenge – and the police are quickly on her tail.

We all need a good laugh right now, but this action comedy, out this Friday on Amazon Prime, doesn’t seem to cheer me up.

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