Dave Navarro missed his Guns N ‘Roses audition because of drugs

Most rock fans know that Jane’s Addiction guitarist and musical companion Dave Navarro performed with the Red Hot Chili Peppers for a hot minute in the ’90s. But did you know he also nearly got a spot in Guns N ‘Roses?

In 1991, Jane’s Addiction broke for the first time, and Guns N ‘Roses parted ways with guitarist Izzy Stradlin. According to legend, Navarro was GNR frontman Axl Rose’s first choice to replace him. But the rocker missed four different occasions to audition.

Navarro didn’t show up because of his drug issues at the time, as he recently shared during an appearance with Billy Idol guitarist Billy Morrison on Appetite for distortion.

Navarro explains, “Axl really wanted me to join the band. And we were talking almost every day about ideas and how the band could work with me.” [via Blabbermouth]

However, “at this time of my life,” the 54-year-old guitarist continues, “I just wasn’t around enough to do it. I had an audition with the band that I didn’t show up to because that I was immersed in my drug addiction.… [I] couldn’t come in that form. “

Navarro now says, “It happened as it happened. I went to the Chili Peppers. And, oddly enough, [Chili Peppers bassist] Flea ended up joining Jane’s Addiction for a tour, and [GNR bassist] Duff [McKagan] ended up joining Jane’s Addiction on a tour. “

He adds, “So at this age now everything is water under the bridges and we’re all part of this collective musical family and we’ve all played together.… The degrees of separation with these guys and us are. path less than six. “

Jane’s Addiction briefly reformed in 1997, Navarro included, before reuniting again in the early 2000s and finally for the long haul in 2008. Their most recent album is from 2011. The artist of the great escape.

Navarro’s latest musical project is NHC, the trio he formed with bandmate Janes Chris Chaney and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. The new act debuted earlier this year and has released singles including “Devil That You Know” and “Feed the Cruel”.

See Navarro discuss his missed GNR opportunity below.

Dave Navarro + Billy Morrison appear on Appetite for distortion – 15 Dec. 2021

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