Drew Barrymore once said Jake Gyllenhaal was his least talented co-star but had the best excuses


Drew Barrymore had a very good reason to call Jake Gyllenhaal his least talented co-star – she had or eat something disgusting during a late night talk show segment. Barrymore rallied around Gyllenhaal in the cutest way, however, professing her love for him on a large sign she carried at a premiere event.

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Drew Barrymore said Jake Gyllenhaal was his least talented co-star

In a 2018 appearance on The late show, host James Corden played a game of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” with Barrymore and John Boyega. Each person was asked a question and, if they preferred not to answer it, they were to eat whatever coarse food was placed in front of them.

Barrymore received a list of co-stars to be ranked “from most talented to least talented” – Gyllenhaal (Donnie Darko), Adam Sandler (50 first dates, wedding singer, mixed) and Hugh Grant (Music and lyrics). If she didn’t answer the question, the actor had to take a bite of turkey testicle.

Barrymore was faced with a tough choice but said, “Jake Gyllenhaal, so I don’t have to eat a turkey ball! But she was then told that she actually had to rank the choices.

Barrymore believed Gyllenhaal would understand, given the unique circumstances. “When I meet him next time, I’ll be like ‘Dude, that was like selling you down the river or eating turkey meatballs,’” she said. “And by the way, I don’t care even if he hates me… I’m literally doing this because I won’t. [and will throw up]. I will say, Adam, Hugh, Jake.

Barrymore added, “I’m sorry Jake. It was the turkey testicles.

Drew Barrymore wears red and holds sign saying I Love Jake Gyllenhaal at

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Drew Barrymore apologized to Jake Gyllenhaal

Barrymore took to the red carpet for a moment to clarify what she said about Gyllenhaal. She arrived for the season 2 premiere of the Netflix series, Santa Clarita Diet Carrying a sign apologizing for throwing Gyllenhaal under the bus and stating that she was a fan of the talented actor. The sign read “I [heart] Jake Gyllenhaal. “

“It’s because I was in James Corden and, in order not to have a turkey testicle on his show… all I know is I didn’t want to eat a turkey testicle, so I made a joke on Jake that was relevant to the question and people don’t read the fine print, “she said Associated press. “If they saw the show, they would see that I was like, ‘Jake, I’m so sorry for doing this. It is only so as not to eat the testicle of a turkey.

She added: “And then I woke up all over the place with headlines that I think he’s the least talented person I’ve ever worked with and I’m like, first of all, these days this is really an interesting title? B: Everyone has a life. C: If you see the show… it’s the least insulting thing there is, or at least I thought it was. I tried to make it the least insulting and, you know, I guess people are desperate for a title, so here is my antidote, bitches. I love him, he’s awesome.

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