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VEGAPOINT 24 level switches solve the detection problem sticky and viscous substances. Easy installation, maximum efficiency. News from the food and beverage industry reports.

Many food and pharmaceutical products have a particular texture: “melting in the mouth” like certain processed cheeses, grainy like peeling cream or even tough, sticky, crunchy and soft. Depending on the consistency, the demands on the level measurement technology used in production increase.

After the successful launch of the VEGAPOINT line of level switches in 2020, industry adoption exceeded VEGA’s initial expectations, but based on feedback, there were still applications that required different design and function. VEGA was inspired by this and, together with industry, started to develop the new leveling level switch VEGAPOINT 24 especially for use with very sticky, viscous or abrasive products.

The emphasis is on the greatest possible robustness. Even with the strongest build-up, it reliably senses the product level in the application and indicates it with a user-programmable colored light ring that is highly visible. Combine this with the two transistor outputs, which are independently selectable for different functions, and the industry standard communication I / O Link and the result is a product that is designed and built to suit the applications within the industry.

Works perfectly when it lights up

Thanks to its robustness, VEGAPOINT 24 is a true plug & play sensor. It can be installed very easily with a few simple steps. Flexible production systems with frequent and rapid product changes benefit from the fact that it detects all media using the default setting with no adjustment. And extended functions, such as interface detection or foam masking, can be configured particularly easily with the BLUETOOTH access interface and a user-friendly menu.

Only metal in the tank

“This device is specially designed and manufactured for the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries. Here mixing and transport is above all a question of efficiency and safety, even with demanding liquids and bulk solids like molasses or cream of nuts and nougat ”, says Volker Allgaier, Product Manager at VEGA.

In particular, the front design of VEGAPOINT 24 guarantees universal application possibilities and of course no interference with agitators or mixing mechanisms.

“Even cleaning procedures will work safely and efficiently with the flat measuring tip,” emphasizes Allgaier.

“And the measuring face of the sensor also supports sandblasting. This is because there is only metal in the tank. Compared to plastic, he concludes, extensive testing has shown an extended lifespan by a factor of four.

fits like a glove

Users achieve optimum visibility of their processes with the new VEGAPOINT 24. The relationship between sustainability and low life cycle costs is revolutionary. The decisive factor, however, is the flexibility of use: with its process connections and versatile adapters, the level switch fits like a glove, even in already existing systems.


VEGAPOINT 24 has a long list of advantages of its use, including a complete rinsing process connection, it can be used with mechanical rinsing and cleaning systems, and it does not cast any spray shadows.

Other benefits include bypassing buildup with factory settings as no customer configuration is required, it works at low dielectric liquid processes with factory settings, and it has individually adjustable outputs.

VEGAPOINT 24 can also detect different liquids in a process, for example it can differentiate between food products and cleaning liquids, thus reducing the risk of contamination.

The sensor is also abrasion resistant, has hygienic process connections as well as various process connections and all in a compact form.

All these advantages are delivered with the inexpensive VEGAPOINT 24 level switch.

Case study

Getting the right sensor is one thing, but what is also important is being able to secure the right backup services.

An example of this is a case study of Vega’s work with Hipex to help build pilot plants for companies to test new products under working conditions.

The company had a small charge tank with an agitator, steam, and a host of other complications that could affect the instrumentation.

Ultimately, Vega produced the VEGAPULS 64 sensor to meet the specifications expected by Hipex.

“It worked extremely well. It was a very small factory, but the whole system was complex and expensive, ”said Jay Edward, Mechanical Engineer at Hipex.

“It went off without a hitch. Because it is an R&D device, the ministry brought in people from all over to test the products.

“With new operators all the time, it had to be precise, repeatable and reliable. He did a lot of publicity. “

One of the reasons why it is essential that the instrument meets specifications is that Hipex is an OEM, which means that not only local companies are its competitors, but also foreign companies.

A key factor in which Hipex continually turns to VEGA for its products is that there is immediate support and full local knowledge of the complex instrumentation they offer.

This is just one example of how Vega is helping the food industry with instrumentation and sensor technology.

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