Fender launches new and weird Squier Paranormal Series guitars


By Sam McNiece

With something strange for everyone.

Fender caused a stir last year with its Squier Paranormal series, and following the Affinity series, its Paranormal 2021 offerings are now available! There are seven unique guitar models here, from the wacky and shiny Super-Sonic to the more traditional Offset Telecaster, all with the quality and price you’d expect from a Squier guitar.

What would you like to know:

  • Fender has launched the Squier Paranormal Series line of guitars and basses.
  • The lineup, made up of eccentric combinations of old and new Fender models, includes seven unique guitars.
  • The flagship products of the Paranormal series include the Toronado, the Jazz Bass ’54 and the Super-Sonic.

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Mixing and matching the design elements of classic and interesting Fender guitars, the Paranormal series features elegant looks. Take the Telecaster Offset for example, it offers the components of a Tele, combined with the body shape and style of a Jazzmaster which not only looks tight but is comfortable playing as well. All offerings in this series feature a “C” shaped neck for quick and comfortable play.

The Paranormal Toronado revitalizes a late ’90s guitar of the same name with two humbucker pickups with individual tone and volume controls for each and a 3-way pickup selector. It has a scale length of 24.75 ″ and is one of the most unique guitars in their entire line.

But probably the most unique is the Paranormal Super-Sonic, which has an inverted staggered body shape, two Squier Atomic humbucking pickups, an upside down, and a vintage-style tremolo bridge. Pair all of this with the Blue Sparkle finish and you’re sure to spook some traditional guitar heads.

For bass players, the Paranormal Jazz Bass ’54 combines the playability of a J Bass with the sleek look and body of a P Bass. There are two Fender-designed alnico single-coil pickups controlled via two concentric knobs (one knob controls tone and volume) and an old-fashioned pickguard combined with chrome hardware for a dazzling bass.

The other Paranormal series guitars are also cool, with a few Cabronita Teles and a Cyclone rounding out the offering. There is something for everyone here and we advise you to go and discover them.

Take a look at some of these new guitars in this video below.

Visit Fender to discover the new guitars in the Paranormal series.

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