Former Hollyoaks actor Charlie Georgio releases music video from Solihull’s chip shop


A Solihull soap actor has released a new clip filmed inside his family’s Giorgio’s chip shop.

Former Hollyoaks and Doctors actor model Charlie Georgio has collaborated with his cousin Harri Georgio to release “Lights”, a song about fighting the daily grind while dreaming of succeeding.

Charlie, of Marston Green, appeared in six episodes of Hollyoaks in 2019. He played Jed, a police informant from a far-right group who had a date with Ste Hay.

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But the 24-year-old acting career came to a halt when the pandemic struck last year, putting his travel plans to the United States on hold.

Charlie has been working shifts at the Chippy family restaurant ever since, but he hasn’t stopped fantasizing about seeing his name in the lights.

The new clip, released Friday, shows Charlie fed up as he scoops up crisps and washes raw chicken at his father’s chip shop, Giorgio’s in Station Road.

Charlie explained to BirminghamLive the meaning of the video and the lyrics.

Cousins ​​Charlie and Harri Georgio in their new music video for ‘Lights’

“The song is about being blinded by the lights and seeing them when you fall asleep,” Charlie said. “It means I dream of seeing my name in the lights and that’s all I think about.

“It’s about all independent artists, actors, musicians and whatever everyone wants to be – and having to balance that with the daily routine while staying focused on your goals and trying to achieve them.

“It’s a good motivational song but we make fun of ourselves at the same time.

“In 2019 I was doing a lot of modeling and doing Hollyoaks so it was a very busy time, but then 2020 came along and things calmed down so I started taking more shifts at the chip shop. to accumulate some cash.

“The shop is quite well known in the neighborhood. She has been in the family for 30 years.

Photo shows Charlie singing in his father's chip shop
Charlie Georgio in new music video for ‘Lights’ – a collaboration with his cousin Harri Georgio

“The song is just a message to people in a similar situation to stick with it.”

In the video, Harri, 30, of Stoke-on-Trent, can be seen pulling pints at a bar he worked in Leicester.

Meanwhile, Charlie’s father Tony is growing increasingly frustrated with his dreaming son, who at some point begins to squirt ketchup and chili sauce on the floor.

Charlie said: “I told my dad I had cameramen coming and we were doing a few takes and I got a little creative. I just said ‘sorry dad I’m going to clean it up.’

The cousins ​​are currently working on the music video for another song, Broken Dreams, which will be released in December.

Charlie hopes he and Harri could be the “new Rizzle Kicks”.

He said, “Doing this collaboration with Harri just made it so much cooler. We’re just two cousins ​​making music together.

“Someone told me today that we could be the new Rizzle Kicks and I love that comparison. I grew up listening to them spread the vibes and that’s exactly what we do.”

Readers can watch the full “Lights” music video on Youtube here.

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