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It’s not often that we change district attorneys in Cabarrus County. It happened again on Thursday. Congratulations to Ashlie P. Shanley, who was sworn in Thursday afternoon.

A familiar face at the courthouse. Governor Roy Cooper announced Shanley’s appointment last week as District Attorney in Prosecution District 25, serving Cabarrus County. She will fill the seat vacated by Roxann L. Vaneekhoven, who retired, effective Wednesday, August 31.

“Ashlie Shanley will bring years of experience as a prosecutor to this role,” Governor Cooper said. “She has an in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system and is trusted by legal and community leaders in Cabarrus County to do this important work well.”

Shanley was the Chief Assistant District Attorney in the Cabarrus County District Attorney’s Office. Previously, she was the Assistant District Attorney and Senior Prosecutor for the Safe Haven Special Victims Unit at the Cabarrus County District Attorney’s Office. She received her Bachelor of Arts from North Carolina State University and her JD from Campbell University School of Law.

People also read…

Shanley is the only candidate to have filed for district attorney and, barring an unlikely written nominee, she will be elected in November.

Vaneekhoven has been DA for several years.

It’s a rare thing to change AD here. I have lived in Cabarrus County since December 1983. Our ADs are Bob Roberts, Bill Kennerly and Roxann Vaneekhoven.

I worked with each of them and I have to say they were all professional and all want to help provide a safe community and do the right thing. We will never always agree.

I expect no less from Shanley. She was like having a second DA.

We hope to have pictures in Sunday’s newspaper of the swearing-in ceremony.

Inauguration and correction. J. King Guitar, a local guitar store, will open in downtown Kannapolis this week with its grand opening on Saturday, September 3. We told you about the store last week and mistakenly told you that they had been in business for several years. . The business has been operating out of founder Jack King’s home since 2019. He has been repairing guitars for several years.

This will be his first physical location. Shop offerings will include new, used, and vintage guitars and gear in addition to repairs.

“As a local, I’ve seen how far downtown Kannapolis has come over the past few years, so I’m thrilled to be a part of it,” King said. “I’ve always wanted a neighborhood store where other guitarists can explore gear they don’t see every day and have a place where they can trust their instruments,” Jack said.

Located in the same historic building as the revitalized and soon-to-open Swanee Theater, J. King Guitar will offer downtown Kannapolis customers an eclectic mix of guitars, gear, and repairs.

Where is this fairy statue? One of our readers, Tawana Brooks, is trying to find something.

“I’ve been on a scavenger hunt since late May of this year trying to locate a fairy statue depicted on the Concord Applebee mural,” Brooks said.

Applebee’s has a number of photos of local places and people. It’s needed enough.

“The main mural has an AL Brown scoreboard with some players, the old courthouse, the Speedway, Concord Spider football players and of course the Dale Earnhardt statue,” Brooks said. “But the center of the spotlight is on a fairy statue depicted standing in a flower garden. As all objects should be Cabarrus County monuments, I sought to locate the statue, just curious to know where it is and what surrounds it.

Tawana has asked many people and no one seems to know. Anyone know? Let us know.

I find it interesting that the Marvels dashboard in a Concord restaurant has the Marvels behind it. I wonder if it’s the Bell Game with Concord. Right now, Kannapolis has the last laugh with multiple straight wins in the series.

This year’s Bell Game will take place on October 28 at Robert C. Bailey Stadium in Concord.

New Strickland Brothers 10 minute oil change. Cabarrus’ first location opened earlier this summer near the intersection of Cannon Boulevard and Dale Earnhardt Boulevard.

Strickland Brothers 10-Minute Oil Change is a Winston-Salem-based franchise that offers 10-minute, drive-thru, no-pressure oil changes, condition inspections and other maintenance services (oil replacement passenger compartment and air filter, replacement of bulbs, new wiper blades, etc.). They recently opened their 100th store.

Kannapolis owners hope to open up to six locations in the area.

This is one of the wheels from my buggy at Walmart earlier this week. You can imagine how well it rolls.

Mark Plemmons, Independent Tribune

A rant about Walmart. There are a lot of things you could rant about Walmart. But they are cheap compared to most other stores. Have you noticed how bad their baskets have gotten?

A few weeks ago the only buggy I could get had all the wheel rubber worn out. This week I walked in and found one that had the rubber ripped off about a quarter of the wheel. I didn’t notice until I was in the produce section.

It was boring. Then when I went to checkout (self-checking, as I was in a rush) and one of my items rang 20 cents higher than the listed price. The very nice lady at Walmart fixed it.

When I got to the parking lot to return the cart, I noticed that the first car I saw had no rubber on the wheels.

Wow Walmart can’t you at least maintain your shopping carts. Maybe they are trying to force everyone into their pickup service.

And one more thing – those Walmart pick-up service people will pretty much knock you out to get to their staging area. At least, that’s how it is at the entrance to the grocery store in Concord Commons where I shop most often.

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