Google can now help you tune your guitar … or uke, or bass, or whatever.


Google has integrated an instrument tuning function directly into the search. Just search for “google tuner” and a widget will appear at the top of the results page. From there you can use the chromatic to tune, well, pretty much anything you can tune.

This isn’t the first music-related feature Google has added to its search engine. The company previously added “Hum to Search,” a Shazam-like feature that helps you identify songs stuck in your head. Google also offers other generally useful widgets, such as a coin flip tool.

Tom Maxwell / Entrance

Useful dang – The instrument tuner of course requires access to a microphone, and you can use it on a mobile or desktop. Because it’s a chromatic tuner that just tells you how close you are to a note, it works with more than just guitars. Use it for violins, violas, ukuleles, bass guitars, bouzouki, or just about anything else. Android Police was the first to notice the new addition to Google’s directory.

Sure, plenty of online tuners and tuning apps have been around for years, but Google’s integration into search is just another in a long series of steps the company has taken to make it the benchmark. for everything.

Other features that Google has built into search are more problematic, such as its feature that extracts specific paragraphs from websites and shows them to users directly on the search results page. This has been criticized by web editors who say it results in less traffic because people get the information they need and don’t have to click on it. Google, of course, claims that snippets lead to more traffic.

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