Hair care entrepreneur helping the next generation of talent through teaching, music and writing


The global hair care market is estimated to be over $ 100 billion by 2025, with steady growth expected thereafter. Within this market, there are still segments that are underserved by major brands. In recent years it has emerged that the black hair market is worth over $ 2.5 billion according to Mintel and this is probably a gross underestimate given that it does not take into account the informal sectors where the market is located. majority of expenses. Most of the overall spending is on hair extensions. One entrepreneur who has been in the industry since 2004 and has gone out of his way to create innovative hair products and educate a new generation of experts is Wade Menendez, Founder of The Lofts W.

Early onset

Wade grew up in Maryland in the United States. He grew up with an interest in hair as several of his family worked in the industry. “I remember using my father’s clipper or even a Bic razor to try to cut my hair,” he recalls. When he was in high school he received a pair of Andis clippers as a gift and then really started to learn how to cut his hair on his own. Despite this interest after graduating from high school, he never had the ambition to enter the industry and therefore held several positions, from retail to home maintenance. After a while, he knew something was missing because his two passions – hair and music – were constantly on his mind. At this point, he decided to enroll in barber school to hone his skills.

After a few years working as a barber, her break came, which coincidentally combined hair and music, when he got to cut hair for hip hop artist Little Mo ‘while she was on tour. He was also one of the main barbers at the BET Awards a few years later and so ended up cutting the hair of other celebrities. Soon after, in 2011, he opened his first hair salon in Maryland, followed by a second in 2014, his profile having built up over the years as a go-to hairstylist for both male and female hair.

Hair units for men

Not resting on his laurels, Wade discovered the concept of a “men’s hair unit” in 2015. A “men’s hair unit” is basically a way to install hair for men who were losing their hair. using a very skilled technique. He made slight changes to what was already on the market and started installing these units. After posting some of her installations on social media, she was quickly picked up by much of the mainstream press such as New York Post, HBO, and Vice. This led to Wade being bombarded with requests from both potential clients and other barbers eager to receive one or learn how to do so. This led to Wade touring from London to Barbados, Canada and most of the United States, teaching people his special technique, generating significant income for the entrepreneur.

Teach others offline and online

While the income was significant and by 2020 Wade had opened his third barber shop and was traveling around the world teaching people his technique, he wanted to help even more barbers learn so they could set up the units. . Realizing that he couldn’t teach everyone himself, he started an online course that was more accessible both financially and practically. This generated even better financial returns for Wade and during the Covid-19 pandemic, when he couldn’t travel, he proved to be a fantastic cover for his business.

In light of the luck he had during Covid-19, Wade wanted to transfer the learnings he had acquired over the years through two other mediums that have always fascinated him – music and writing. In 2019 he published a book ‘The success factor‘where he describes 12 Keys to Life covering things from finances to character building and spirituality. More recently he revealed a talent that few people knew he had released his first single titled Unexplained love.

Wade intends to continue to use his creative talents to help others like him achieve disproportionate success in the years to come and I’m sure we will hear more from him in the years to come.

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