How Robert Downey Jr. Is More Musical Than You Originally Thought

Robert Downey Jr. can do more than wear a cool high-tech suit and fight aliens. He can also sing. In 2004, years before introducing Tony Stark to the world, the Marvel star released “The Futurist,” a solo album showcasing his musical talents (via Cosmopolitan). According The New York Times, the album features eight original songs and two covers, including “Smile”, originally composed by silent film actor Charlie Chaplin. Despite his years on the big screen, Downey Jr. felt “some reluctance” to release his own music, according to The New York Times. As an A-lister. explained during the 2004 interview, “there’s this thing about people who continually want to demonstrate their prowess in many areas and it’s kind of disgusting.” However, each song is born from a deeply personal place. “I think I’m more sensitive and introspective and in awe of the universe because of what I’ve been through than I care to admit,” he commented, explaining how “every song is influenced by my experience, but I hope it’s a little murky.”

Downey Jr. performed his songs on “Oprah” and “The Tonight Show,” opportunities he called “beyond nepotism,” acknowledging that “I would never have been able to express myself musically if I didn’t. ‘wasn’t a disreputable actor’ (via The New York Times). All of the actor’s songs are available at Spotify. But writing his own music isn’t the only way the actor chooses to express himself.

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