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The swan that flew over Jack White’s new blue hair as he brought this two-part secret that showed him to a loved one was perhaps an omen that brings back the omen. Especially since White – playing Seven Nation Army at the time – was standing on a high balcony above an ecstatic bottleneck of people just off Carnaby Street on Saturday night. Naff old Carnaby Street, the place that makes Las Vegas look like Tupelo, may‌ finally‌ have‌ its‌ ‌mojo‌ ‌ back.

Jack White and the band play on Damien Hirst’s balcony. Photography: Dean Chalkley

There had been long ALLDAY queues for the opening of the third Man Records London, a new store / site / label / hang-out on Marshall Street, next to Carnaby, a first international branch of the original store in Nashville which opened in 2009. Even its distinctive yellow and black color system has enough of an aura of having bled on the clothes and shoes of those gathered. Two exhilarating shows from White showed exactly why mystique exists.

The first was in the store’s basement room – a bar called The Blue Room, hence the use of White’s dyes – where 70 people crammed close to the band. white, as well as Dominic Davis on bass and a sensational Daru Jones on drums, barely a break to breathe (possibly because there was no air there) during a series feverish that started with the first classic stripes Hello Operator, the Dead Weather’s I Cut Like a Buffalo, and ended with an Icky Thump. – grinding synth at such close proximity it is possible to see just how complex and imposing blanc est as a musician, his sweet and salty style creates an irresistible tangle of sweet melodies and payoffs. heavy

After that, White darted to the front of the store, and over Damien Hirst’s building at the end of the street. The artist had given permission for the band to use his balcony, and fans gathered in front of them exploding with joy when the sheets were removed to reveal the hidden amps and a giant third man banner. he looked pretty much legal, but as White’s blue flame hair appeared and the band hit the dead leaves and dirt on the ground, he certainly didn’t look legal: so loud that ‘he drowned in the sound of the police helicopter which began to circle overhead.

Clearly having a ball, White showed his showman side, leaning over the railing for a guitar solo, playing a raucous, SingAlong Steady As She Goes, and dedicating is gonna be we’re friends to their new neighbors in Soho and‌ ‌London‌ as a ‌set.‌ ‌The ‌final‌ ‌de‌ ‌Seven‌ ‌Nation‌ ‌Army felt loved‌ The Queen’s swans were clearly on board. ‌


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