Keane Musician Upgrades Arts Center Studio With iD44


Keane Musician Upgrades Arts Center Studio With iD44

Keane Musician Upgrades Arts Center Studio With iD44

UK – Describing himself as a jack-of-all-trades musician, Jesse Quin downplays his talent as a bassist in the Keane group. For the past seven years he has also run Old Jet, his own recording studio in Suffolk, and recently purchased an iD44, calling his new Audient audio interface a ‘lifeline’.

He explains, “The iD44 was the solution I was looking for to be able to integrate people’s laptops into my setup. So I have it on my patch bay and I can use sophisticated EQs and external effects, but also just plug a mic directly into the back if I want. It’s like I wrote down a list of what I needed and then Audient did. Absolutely perfect.”

The most powerful of all Audient audio interfaces, the iD44 is 20 in / 24 out, offering ultimate flexibility in the studio and plenty of expansion options. The two JFET instrument inputs are ideal for Jesse to directly record his bass guitar. “I like that it’s tactile and there’s no navigating the menus or using the same encoder for different jobs. The thing you want to adjust is right there. Obviously that sounds really good too.

Never far from a musical instrument (modular synths are currently preferred), he recently worked on a Mt. Desolation record, while finishing one of his own. “I’m also getting into film music at the moment; another thing the iD44 has been useful for. I can easily go from brainstorming on my laptop to the main studio computer.

His recording studio is located at Old Jet Arts Center in Suffolk which he himself set up seven years ago. Based on a former US Air Force base, the concept of an “artistic community” came in response to his move to Suffolk. “I met lots of interesting artists, many of whom worked in isolation rather than in groups. I also needed a place to put my own things. I looked around the first building and knew I had to. I didn’t even think about it. I didn’t have the money to do it or anything, I just got the keys back and kept going. Fortunately, it worked. “

It certainly is. Today, it is home to photographers, painters, writers and clothing designers as well as musicians. Over time, Jesse’s studio migrated from building to building “depending on how advanced they were.” He has now built himself an isolated concert hall, so he thinks he will stay there. “It’s much more professional now! ”
All the more reason for him to be fiercely protective of his space. When not working on his own projects there, he prefers to rent it out to friends and friends of friends. “My manager keeps saying I should hire him, but I think I would worry too much about him being destroyed.”

Staying inspired is very important to Jesse. “I have to prioritize finding time to consume more art in its various forms or I stagnate and get frustrated,” he says, having discovered in the last few months of forced lockdown, that “spending time in the outdoors usually means I feel more creative. “

Keane Musician Upgrades Arts Center Studio With iD44Keane Musician Upgrades Arts Center Studio With iD44

August 24, 2021

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