Kira Shares Weird New Video For ‘The Ghosts’ Her Self-titled Debut Solo Album Released October 19


Kira shares weird new video for

American musician and former Black Flag bassist Kira Roessler shared the grim video for her poetic new track “The Ghosts”. Heartbreaking song set to appear on upcoming self-titled solo album KIRA, which will be released on October 19 via Kitten Robot Records.

Released earlier this month, “The Ghosts” is a haunting affair that features layered vocals and prominent bass. The song begins with a meandering bassline and a series of Saturnian piano chords. The instrumentation featured in this song is incredibly understated. The drumbeat is both languid and determined. There is a dreamy sadness that is perpetuated by a screaming synth at the bottom of the mix. Roessler’s voice on this track is evocative and sentimental. Images of apparitions spring to mind as she harmonizes with herself in a layered chorus where the singer hypnotically repeats “the ghosts.”

The music video features the artist performing alone in a dark room. Roessler is shown playing instruments in front of an assortment of antique artwork and smoking candles. The video is tinged with a melancholy mood as the singer swings back and forth to the beat of her bass. A blue-haired Roessler is appropriately dressed in a dark navy outfit and her bass guitar matches her hair color. Throughout the video, the singer provides insight into her songwriting process. She is shown carefully taking notes and writing lyrics in a binder on a desk.

Along with the release of this new track, Roessler provided some details on his upcoming album. Call KIRA a “labor of love”, the singer reveals that this project gave her a channel to express her otherwise indescribable feelings. “Writing these songs allowed me to express some of the feelings that were just impossible to express in any other way. It still makes me cry. I hope someone else can experience something they need to feel through listening, ”she says.

The singer also gave an overview of her writing process. Roessler describes a process similar to the performances in his new music video. “Most of my music these days is created on my own in my bedroom, then fleshed out with tasty additions from close friends who I ask for virtual music tracks,” she reveals. “Then I go to the Kitten Robot Studio where my beloved brother and co-producer Paul Roessler helps me polish each song. The goal is simple – to express my inner essence and to hope that others feel a little theirs by listening. “


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