Mark Owen has to make the important things interesting at South Central


LANCASTER – Mark Owen said his job is simple – to make the important things interesting.

Owen is the communications manager for South Central Power Company. He is responsible for updating the company’s website, publishing a magazine and communicating with employees, among other tasks.

“We are working on many publications and special projects for our consumer members,” said Owen. “We work with the media when necessary. So really, all of these things together, we’re just trying to get the word out about everything from power outages when they happen in real time to everything like posting power saving tips so people can make the most of the electricity they buy. “

Owen, originally from the Atlanta area, has two communications staff working with him. He and his employees are available 24 hours a day in the event of an incident or emergency. Owen is the main spokesperson for South Central and said his job is different every day.

“Sometimes it’s very critical information that we put out, so we’re always available and always ready to help and work hard when needed,” Owen said.

He said emergencies can arise at any time of the year, from severe storms in the spring and summer to ice storms in the winter.

“We have a lot of wind in Ohio and we have a lot of trees in Ohio,” Owen said. “These are often the cause of blackouts. We are prepared for any type of weather that may arise in any season.”

He had been in his current job for just over three years. But he’s been in the utility industry for about 15 years. This includes the 12 years he worked for a utility company in northern Georgia.

“I’ve worked in communications for most of my career and love it,” Owen said. “I love utility communications especially among all the things I’ve done. It’s always something. It’s a big industry, it’s rewarding. You have the opportunity to feel that you are doing it. a difference in the lives of others. “

He said he liked to share how South Central provides electricity to his customers every day. To do this effectively, Owen said people in communication need to be good writers and know their audience.

“A lot of times the things we talk about, especially when it comes to energy efficiency news, people don’t necessarily find them exciting on the surface,” he said. “So you just have to find a way to listen to consumers, understand their needs and give them the information they are looking for.”

To prepare for his career, Owen received his Masters in Communication from Purdue University. Prior to that, he studied English at the University of Georgia with projects on teaching English in high school. But he found he preferred corporate communications over teaching.

Outside of work, Owen enjoys golf and plays guitar and bass. He is the father of two children and married to his wife Katie.

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