Modest Mouse to Express Live


My introduction to Modest Mouse came my last year of college, when “Float On” cut the noise of alt-rock radio with that bouncy, jerky guitar riff, an instantly sing-able chorus, and the endearing verses of Isaac Brock on backing his vehicle into a police car.

Fortunately, I made it through college without damaging the police cars, but the song’s continued optimism resonated at the time. I was about to leave all of my best friends from the past four years, and I wasn’t sure what life had in store for me and my future wife. But hey, we’re all gonna float, okay? Do not worry. Even if things end up being a little too heavy, we will all continue to float.

I wasn’t one of the cool kids who already knew Modest Mouse’s previous albums like The Moon and Antarctica (2000) or Lonely crowded west (1997), but “Float On” and the rest of the years 2004 Good news for those who love bad news sent me delving into Isaac Brock’s discography – a rewarding company that I would always highly recommend (Solitary is my preferred). I lost track of Modest Mouse when the band released the 2015 record Strangers to ourselves, partly out of laziness, but partly because I hadn’t heard anything particularly exciting from the band in years.

Then, at the end of June of this year, Modest Mouse released The golden coffin, a strangely captivating and refreshing record, full of surprising textures. The band sounded invigorated, as Brock and Co. make music for fun and not to satisfy a range of imposed expectations. There is almost certainly no single on Golden coffin which will garner 93 million views on YouTube, and that’s perfectly fine. We’re all going to float anyway.

Modest mouse

Express Live (outdoor)

6 p.m. Tuesday August 3

Opening hours: Les Quartiers

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