Mouser Electronics signs global distribution agreement with Liquid Instruments and offers Moku FPGA-based test platforms

Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized worldwide distributor with the latest semiconductors and electronic components, announces a worldwide distribution agreement with Liquid Instruments, an innovator in precision software-defined instrumentation. Liquid Instruments’ flexible all-in-one platforms for test instrumentation combine advanced digital signal processing, reconfigurable hardware, and revolutionary user interfaces for real-time data acquisition and control.

Mouser now offers the latest Liquid Instruments products, including Moku: Pro, Moku: Lab, and Moku: Go. Moku products give scientists and engineers access to the instrumentation they need in an instant. All Moku platforms are FPGA-powered, dynamically reconfigurable, and feature built-in high-performance instruments including an oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator, and data logger.

Moku:Pro is the newest product from Liquid Instruments. Like Moku:Lab and Moku:Go, it integrates multiple professional-grade instruments into one streamlined platform, but brings new advanced configuration and customization capabilities that allow users to create sophisticated test sequences without requiring hardware additional. Powered by a high-performance Xilinx Ultrascale+ FPGA and high-bandwidth analog front-end with robust networking and storage, the Moku:Pro also allows users to deploy custom code directly to the FPGA. The highly customizable and scalable tool is ideal for aerospace and defense, lidar for autonomous vehicles, and quantum computing applications.

Moku:Lab’s reconfigurable hardware platform integrates 12 high-performance instruments. The suite of instruments, specifications and flexibility have made Moku:Lab a favorite in the research industry, especially in spectroscopy, microscopy, AMO physics, fiber detection and laser interferometry.

Moku:Go’s reconfigurable portable platform is a complete lab solution designed for maximum portability, flexibility and durability, allowing engineers to test designs and projects remotely. The device includes a suite of powerful instruments and built-in power supplies designed to span any undergraduate engineering and STEM curriculum, providing the market with a more robust solution for lab-based learning and distance education.

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