Music fans flock to the Four Seasons Mall in Mansfield as the HMV store brings live music to town with Reece Fell Over

HMV’s Live and Local project was launched in 2019 and was created to showcase talent from across the country in its stores.

Artists have a free slot to perform their music in front of customers.

The project’s initial launch was short-lived in Mansfield due to the coronavirus pandemic, which saw retail stores temporarily close amid regional government restrictions – but returned on Saturday with a performance by better-known Reece Mee under the name Reece Fell Over.

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Reece Mee, known by his stage name – Reece Feel Over, performed original songs in front of a growing crowd of patrons.

The 30-year-old said: “When I saw there was an opportunity to play HMV, I just had to jump on it.

“It was pretty surreal to play in the same place I was looking for CDs when I was a teenager.

“Mansfield is full of musical talent that needs to be showcased.

“I really hope this inspires and encourages other musicians to come forward and play a show at HMV.”

Steven Coan, Assistant Store Manager Mansfield HMV, all smiles through Reece’s acoustic set.

And her performance was a treat for fans, shoppers and store staff alike.

Steven Coan, Assistant Store Manager at Mansfield HMV, said: “It’s great to have Live and Local back.

“We try to support local artists and spread the word.

“Artists can come on a Saturday, give a free concert, share their music and build an audience.

“You can enter the store or contact social media if you are interested – we will share more information about upcoming events and post information about all of Reece on our social media.

“It’s a great opportunity for local artists and just amazing that we can provide this support to the community.”

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Musician Daniel Vardy, from Meden Vale, supported the idea.

He said: “Reece is a genuine guy with genius lyrics.

“Live and Local is a great idea to get up-and-coming artists noticed by punters who obviously shop there for great music.

“Why not put the unsigned front and center and let people discover some real raw talent?”

Following his HMV set, Reece will perform a live acoustic set at Percy Picklepackers, Weekday Cross, Nottingham on Friday September 2.

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