NAMM 2022: Ashdown celebrates 25 years with new EVO V and ABM-400 Limited Edition bass heads

NAM 2022: We’ve covered a slew of new electric guitar gear unveiled at this year’s NAMM show, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some great deals for bass players, too.

And now Ashdown is getting in on the action with two new bass amp heads: the EVO V and the ABM-400 Limited Edition.

There’s a lot of specs to go through here, so let’s dive in below.

Ashdown EVO V

Ashdown EVO V

(Image credit: Ashdown)

An evolution of Ashdown’s ABM (Ashdown Bass Magnifier) ​​platform – the EVO V has undergone a slight visual overhaul, with a new all-black design replacing the amp’s traditional ice blue front panel.

The first ABM amp to feature VU meters for input and output signals, the EVO V packs 750W, promising “stunning power and response”, as well as mains voltage switching, temperature-controlled low-noise and a transformer-isolated DI output, in addition to previously found specs like a nine-band EQ, 12AX7-powered valve drive, built-in compressor, and sub-harmonics control.

“Like everything we do, the ABM EVO V is developed in response to the needs of our customers,” said Dan Gooday, Ashdown’s Managing Director. “A growing number of players have asked if we could bridge the dual output sections of our ABM 1200 head. The new ABM EVO V answers this need for more power and dynamics.

Pricing and general availability of the Ashdown EVO V have not yet been confirmed.

Ashdown ABM-400 limited edition

Ashdown ABM-400 limited edition

(Image credit: Ashdown)

To mark its 25th anniversary, Ashdown has produced 100 limited edition ABM-400 amp heads, hand numbered and signed by Ashdown founder Mark Gooday.

Features include a seven-band EQ section – which combines simple rotary controls for bass, mids and treble with pairs of sliders between knobs for “more sophisticated control” – as well as a sub generator. -Built-in harmonics, 400W, high headroom power and a variable Valve Drive control for a basic tonal range “from clear and punchy to warm and squeaky”.

There’s also a balanced DI output on the front panel, as well as an FX send and return on the rear, a pair of Speakon speaker outputs, a line input and a jack for the four-way footswitch. included, which controls EQ, sub harmonics, Valve Drive and a fixed level of soft compression. Its rear panel also features an intelligent dual-fan, low-noise cooling system.

“Owners of this historic amplifier will join a stellar community of ABM fans, including Nate Mendel of the Foo Fighters, Guy Pratt of Pink Floyd, Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath and countless others,” comments Dan Gooday.

“Much has changed in twenty-five years, but the essence of the Ashdown Bass Magnifier has remained constant, and the ABM-400 Ltd Edition is the perfect celebration of this iconic bass amp.”

Although pricing and availability have yet to be confirmed for the limited edition ABM-400, we know it will come with a custom flight case, a personal thank you note, and even a video of the amp such that it is packaged for shipment. .

For more information visit Ashdown (opens in a new tab).

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