NAMM 2022 Guitar Hardware Gallery

Taylor 722ce

Taylor Guitars brought a new pair of 700 Series acoustics to the show. The new Koa-based line was born out of a particular quality of wood that sits between their K-series and the wood they use for veneers. The 724ce and 722ce both feature Expression 2 preamps and an ultra-thin finish. Each will cost $3,499.

Evening black hole

Although the Dot9 line of pedals have been out for a while, Eventide officially introduced this quartet of pedals to the masses at the NAMM show. The range covers well-known H9 algorithms such as Blackhole, old-school EVH-style micro pitch tones, massive chorus sounds, pristine delays, and more.

Martin Custom Guitar

This is the 2,500,000th guitar to leave Martin’s factory and built by their team. The guitar has been crafted from Belize rosewood and heavy Sitka spruce. Display built by Jody Betz.

Spark Mini positive grid

Positive Grid has announced the Spark Mini, which is a full-featured practice amp that also functions as a Bluetooth speaker. The free app allows for in-depth signal chain editing and comes with a ton of amps and effects. They’re taking pre-orders now at an introductory price of $195.

Dreadbox Weaver

At $199, Dreadbox’s Treminator goes way beyond the traditional style trem. It offers five different waveforms, fade in/out controls, tap tempo, and a handful of “secret” functions when you hold down one of the footswitches. Think less bear in a box.

VegaTrem VT-2

Do you like Teles and wigglesticks? VegaTrem just gave us a quick look at the VT-2, which takes heavy-duty trem technology and applies it to T-style setups. Installation is non-invasive and the bar is smooth as silk. Pricing is TBD, but look for it this fall.

Manhattan Prestige Session One Basses

Famous session legend Neil Jason founded a new instrument company called Manhattan Prestige Basses and introduced his first model, the Session One, at NAMM. It’s an incredibly well-balanced instrument that sports an alder body, maple neck, Tusq nut, Luminay fret markers, and Wilkinson bridge. A rock-solid workhorse that sells for $999 on the street.

Imperial Electric: appetite

Red Witch’s Ben Fulton has launched his new company, Imperial Electric, and a pair of amp pedals in a box that pay homage to two guitar heroes. The Zeppelin aims to capture the tone of a particularly influential MSG concert film by combining an Echoplex-style preamp with a FET-based plexi-style amp circuit. The Appetite aims for the sound of the Sunset Strip by combining a more modern sounding FET-based amp circuit with a germanium boost to push it over the top. Both will cost $229 each.


GTRS’ S800 is powered by Mooer’s robust modeling technology. This S-style guitar pairs with a Bluetooth footswitch (sold separately) and an app to create almost any type of signal chain you can imagine. There’s a single control knob on the guitar that lets you cycle through presets on the fly. All for around $1,000 street.

Audience EVO16

The Audient EVO16 is a complete recording solution that offers 8 inputs, phantom power, multiple headphone outputs and an inventive Smart Gain feature that makes adjusting levels a snap. Will hit stores soon at $499.

Pro Co Little Rat

The Rat’s classic tone has been shrunk into a micro-sized enclosure. It has the exact same circuitry and cutout as the original, just smaller. In order to save space, they removed the battery option, but it still sounds so bad. And a bargain at $79.

Blackstar St. James

Blackstar has spent the last two years developing a new line of ultra-powerful, ultra-lightweight amps. The St James series offers two different configurations (6L6 and EL84) that include a full 3-band EQ, two channels, reverb, responsive loading options, and in-depth editing via an app. Heads are $1,199, combos are $1,299, and the 2×12 box is $749.

Martin D-28 Rich Robinson Guitar

Martin has just released a new Rich Robinson signature model inspired by his father’s 50s model. It has rosewood back and sides, a thick neck, Sitka spruce too, and it’s the first artist’s model aged to replicate the original. It will cost $6,999 and be released in late summer.

Ernie Ball Music Man Tosin Abasi Kaizen

Futuristic shredder Tosin Abasi has just announced a new collaboration with Ernie Ball Music Man. The Kaizen is an impeccably designed 7-string that sports a mini humbucker in the neck, Steinberger tuners, a multi-scale neck with floating trem, and much more. Should be released at the end of the summer with a price to be determined.

Steve VaiHydra

One of the most incredible creations at this year’s show was Steve Vai’s Ibanez Hydra. It was featured prominently on Vai’s latest album and the detail up close is incredible.

Signature of Tom Quayle

Ibanez and fusion stylist Tom Quayle have extended their partnership with a signature singlecut model featuring a Seymour Duncan mini-humbucker in the neck and an Alnico Pro II in the bridge.

Abasi Concepts emi series

Abasi Concepts has just launched their emi series which includes options for standard fret spacing, SSS and HSS pickup configurations and much more. Keep an eye on their website as these will be released in batches through their mailing list.

Dophix Michelangelo Overdrive Plus

Italian pedal manufacturer Dophix showed us their entire line and these two stood out. The Michelangelo Overdrive Plus is a complete boost/OD combo that houses three different clipping modes (FET, silicon, and germanium), blend control, and switchable effect order. The Galileo optical tremolo can go from swirling, comforting waves to loud, stuttering fuel. Each will be available for $399 street.

b3 Telstar Guitars

Gene Baker and b3 Guitars brought their crushed Telstar to the show. It pays an obvious homage to a pair of classic models, but this one features a 10(!) way switch, Lollar pickups, bolt-on graphite-reinforced double neck and MannMade hybrid tremolo. They will be sold exclusively through The Music Emporium and will start at $5,200.

Bigsby Audio Gamechanger Pedal

Gamechanger Audio’s new collaboration with Fender has resulted in a digital version of a seminal tremolo. The Bigsby pedal allows polyphonic bending up and down in addition to adjusting the speed of the vibrato. It feels smooth and natural and makes the most extreme Bigsby moves much easier. It’s available now for $379.

Black Volt Amplified Earthcaster

Generally, Black Volt Amplification is known for their line of rustic amps, but this year they brought in a few new guitars. The Earthcaster and Lightning Bolt are T-style guitars constructed from old wood. Depending on what the custom is looking for, various customizable options can be included. The Earthcaster starts at $3,200 and the Lightning Bolt at $4,200.

MXR and Third Man Hardware Double Down

Jack White’s latest Third Man Records pedal collaboration is the Double Down. Inside, there are two of MXR’s Micro Amp circuits in a single box. It has dual outputs with phase and buffer switches on the side. Should be released later this year.

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