Neal Schon teases Journey’s next album: “Guitarists are going to love this record, because I’m going wild on it”


Neal Schon offered an update on Journey’s upcoming studio album, teasing that there will be plenty of tasty electric guitar parts we can sink our teeth into when the ‘ballistic’ effort finally releases.

Speaking to both WMSC and WNUW, Schon also revealed that he and his band mates wrote over 30 new songs for the album, saying the studio sessions gave him the opportunity to “release His powers on the six strings.

Schon also boldly claimed that the album would be the band’s flagship album in 1981, Escape – the record that gave the world’s first tracks such as Don’t stop believing, Who is crying now and Open arms.

“It’s ballistic, man,” he began (via Blabbermouth). “And the guitar is not lacking on this record. So I’m excited to go out there.

“I think any guitarist is going to love this record, because I go wild on this record – like I do a lot live, but sometimes I hold back in the studio.

“I usually have a good instinct about it, and I feel like I’m in the late 60s, back then and back when Jeff Beck started out with Rod Stewart and [Led] Zeppelin, on their release, Jimi Hendrix, the Cream with [Eric] Clapton and Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, all this time, there are many young children, young generations, that never knew that time.

“So I feel like this is when I grew up and this is the type of music that I like to play, so I go over there and write for that, to be able to do it on stage.

“And I think it’s going to really trip some people up, when we finally release this album and can combine it with all the hits we have.”

Although no official release date has been confirmed, Schon went on to say that if it doesn’t drop later this year, fans can expect a slew of singles to keep up the wait for a date. release in 2022.

“But the whole album,” Schon continued teasing, “there’s no filler on the record; that’s what I can tell you. I’m listening to it now, and many others who know our music for a long time have said, “Look, this is the modern age Escape. I think this could be the next one Escape for you guys. ‘ And I think it’s a bold statement, but honest to God, I feel like it’s so good.

Journey have already teased their new heavy guitar effort in the form of The way we were – the band’s first single in over a decade, which, unsurprisingly, features an abundance of killer high-gain lead lines.

Although Schon and co Escape 2.0 in store for us, it won’t be played with the album’s most iconic guitar – the 1977 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, made famous for its role in the recording and performance. Don’t stop believing.

This guitar, along with many others from Schon’s personal collection, was recently auctioned off and sold for $ 250,000.

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