Netflix Cowboy Bebop already uses too much “Tank”


John Cho's Spike Spiegel lights a cigarette in a scene from the early titles of the live-action Cowboy Bebop.

John Cho, presumably after hearing “Tank!” for the 721489672395th time.
Screenshot: Netflix

Netflix has much more serious problems to manage now than to abuse a very good anime opening. But if you want to find something to complain about it’s not, say, the streamer persistent and terrible reactions to workers protesting against treatment and response to trans employees In the wake of Dave Chappelle’s last stand-up special, overdoing a really good anime opening is as good a reason as any.

Just under a month to go until Netflix’s long-awaited live-action Cowboy Bebop the adaptation hits the beleaguered streamer, but we haven’t really seen much of it – a few images, an announcement here, a few opening titles there. Hell, this week, instead of a trailer (which will be released next week instead), we were given a specially filmed sketch. Almost all of these little previews – I’m sure the company would have found a way to make the soundtrack an image gallery if he could have been accompanied by “Tank!” Cowboy Bebop.

Make no mistake: “Tank! ” that’s great, a timeless, and anime fans know that. Which is why Netflix constantly invokes him whenever he talks about his new series starting to sound a little less than a nod to Bebop fans and more love to slam them on the head with the idea that yes, it’s exactly like that show you already love. This, while its creators have tried to dispel doubts that this live-action adaptation can stand on its own, and it wants to to be in “the spirit” from the original series, rather than just a carbon copy of it. It’s weird, because, well, we have this show that we already love, it’s called Cowboy Bebop. What’s the point of this new iteration if not trying to do something new? And yet, “Tank! Has been all over the marketing of the series.

When the streamer announced that Kanno would come back to create a new score for the series, he did so by playing his new cast “Tank!” rather than all this new material. When the streamer revealed the opening titles of the new series, he revealed that they were actually only the old titles, but remade with the new cast, “Tank!” still intact as always. Even this week’s short was not about new music, but “Tank! ” one more time. When Netflix wanted to distract you from its LGBTQ and other employees go out this week as Ted Sarandos continued to admit he made a “gross simplification”In its initial short-sighted response to employee and other concerns about sectarian and anti-trans feelings shared in Chappelle’s The closest, he did it by having his social account linked to gender Tweeter the news that the original animated series was now streaming on the service… and yes, reminding us that “Tank! that’s pretty good, isn’t it?

New Bebop has yet to fully support his creative desire to have rehearsed what made the original anime so beloved in the first place, and to lie down in the familiarity of his most iconic piece of music over and over again, especially during returning to the well like many times like he has done so far – begins to feel more and more like he’s trying to catch something. By summoning “Tank! So often it feels like Netflix is ​​less ready to blow up this scene than it thinks – and if it’s really ready to jam, it’s as a tribute band more than anything else.

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