New Musical Discoveries September 9: Hailey Beavis, Conrad Sewell, Surf Shop Cops and More

Ten more tracks have been added to our Discovery playlist on Spotify and Apple Music, including two singles we premiered as exclusives earlier this week. Our track of the week is “Crow” by Scottish indie-folk artist Hailey Beavis.

‘Crow’ release accompanies announcement of Beavis’ debut album I’ll put you where the paper clip slips, which is out November 4 on OK Pal Records. According to Beavis, the song was written in a moment of clarity, and the realization that instead of trying to fit the mold and conform to other people’s expectations, you should “Accept your true nature instead of trying to make it small and hidden.”

The single is a wonderful slice of indie folk. It’s full of warmth and built around rich, modulating instrumentation, crowned by an idiosyncratic and touching vocal performance from the Edinburgh artist.

“God Save the Queen” is the first new music from Conrad Sewell since his first album in 2019, LIFE. Described as a departure from his previous sound, the single is high octane rock and roll and a riot of energy.

Perth Threesome Surf Shop Cops just released their first album constant state. The album follows a coming-of-age tale, with songwriter Michael Slitenbachs reflecting on the hard truths of growing up and the things he didn’t like about himself younger. It’s an album full of swagger, style and intensity. We added the album’s title track to the playlist this week, but any of the ten songs on the album could be shortlisted.

After stellar performances at BIGSOUND this week, we’re also adding recent tracks from Full Flower Moon Band, Banjo Luciaand Adam Newlin to the reading list.

Finally, we also have the new singles from Newcastle alternative rockers slow cinema and psychedelic rockers Tugthat we both presented earlier this week.

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Here’s the full list of this week’s additions:

Hailey Beavis “Raven”
Courtney Marie Andrews “It’s the good old days”
Conrad Sewell “God Save the Queen”
Surf Shop Cops “constant state”
Dry cleaning “Gary Ashby”
Full Flower Moon Band “Don’t hurt anyone”
Banjo Lucia “Leo Boy”
Adam Newlin “Leather Face”
slow cinema “Baltic” [Exclusive Single Premiere]
Tug “Emanate” [Exclusive Single Premiere]

Header photo: Hailey Beavis by Greg Ryan

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