Over a million: Aaliyah’s music reissued

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Aaliyah Haughton’s music has been unavailable to the public for years. Although Haughton managed to maintain her R&B presence for years after her death, it has been a challenge to reach a younger demographic of listeners who have never heard of the singer. Another challenge was posed to his fan base who was led astray by inconsistent release dates for his signature albums, a lack of follow-up dates for the release of those albums, and much more.

A surprise Instagram post from Aaliyah Haughton’s estate made the day for many fans of the late singer.

On August 4, Aaliyah Haugton’s estate issued a statement which read, “Now, in this 20th year, this unscrupulous effort to release Aaliyah’s music without any transparency or full accountability to the estate is forcing our hearts to express one word – forgiveness.

“Ultimately, we want closure and a minimum of peace so that we can facilitate the growth of the Aaliyah Memorial Fund and other creative projects that embody the true essence of Aaliyah, which is to inspire strength and positivity. for people of all faiths, races and cultures around the world, ”the statement concluded.

Haughton died at the age of 22 in a plane crash in August 2001, making 2021 the 20th anniversary of the singer’s death. During these many years, his estate was embroiled in a dispute with Blackground Records 2.0 over the release of Haughton’s music. The company is a relaunch of a label co-founded by Barry Hankerson, who is Haughton’s uncle, former manager and label chief. Hankerson has owned all of Haughton’s masters so far, while the state controls his catalog.

Blackground 2.0 has been criticized by Haughton’s estate for a “flagrant lack of transparency” and the accusation that it failed to alert the estate to its intention to release the music on streaming platforms, according to Billboard. Since the charge, Blackground has said in its response that payments have been made to the estate as recently as this year and ensures that the estate will receive whatever is entitled to receive under the terms of their agreement.

As of August 20, Haughton’s “One in A Million” is now available on streaming platforms and has been launched in the Rolling Stones Top 10 200, number one on US iTunes, and more. By the end of this year, all of Haughton’s albums will be hitting streaming platforms for everyone to enjoy. Projects range from the soundtrack of the 2000 film “Romeo Must Die” (released September 3), his eponymous album (released September 10) and the “I Care 4 U” compilations and “the ultimate Aaliyah” (released October 8).

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