Owl River Guitars Are “One of the Only” – The Troy Messenger


When Steve Green and Tim Catrett were invited to participate in the Pike County 200 Art Show at the Studio in downtown Troy, they quickly considered the invitation and decided, “Why not?”

“Building electric guitars isn’t what most people would consider art, but it really is,” Green said. “But, you won’t see another guitar like the electric guitars we make. They are one of the few.

Owl River guitars are handcrafted by special request and to a custom order.

“Tim and I sit down with our customers to find out exactly what they want in a guitar,” Green said. “Customers decide what body shape they want and there are hundreds of them. They decide how they want the shape of the neck and how they want their hand to fit around the neck. They decide everything about the guitar that they have custom made, from the feel of the guitar to the color.

And, the color can include a 3D element in the design, an attached medallion, or a sculpted top, whatever a customer wants to make the guitar one of a kind and in a very personal way.

While a finished guitar may look like fiberglass, it is actually hardwood.

The process of making a custom electric guitar typically takes three to four months, but some builds can take up to a year, Green said, depending on the specifics of what the customer wants, including the type of wood. .

“Whether our customers play their electric guitars on the porch, in a band or hang them on the wall, everyone is ‘one of one’ and we are very proud of that and believe they do too,” said Green.

The Pike County 200 Art Show ends Thursday. Those who have not yet seen the show are encouraged to do so. These last two days will also be an opportunity to revisit the show that highlights the artists of Pike County. The Studio is located on East Walnut Street in downtown Troy. Show hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. today (Wednesday) and Thursday. Free entry.

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