Premiere of the track: PERSPECTIVE, A BEAUTIFUL HAND TO HOLD – “Still (Everyday)”

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I have long pleaded for the supremacy of Lousy, the springy and rambunctious emo supergroup Perspective’s 2019 album, a Lovely Hand to Hold. On this album, the band took a sound rooted in emo and added rock ‘n roll guitar heroics, linked choruses with unmistakable hooks and a whirlwind of energy.

It is with great pleasure that I am here to tell you that Perspective is finally back with a new album, spooky country, released June 24 on Refresh Records. The first single, “Still (Everyday)”, shimmers over groovy melodies and muted guitar stabs until it hits the explosive chorus – one of my favorite musical moments of the whole year. There are falsetto howls and triumphant guitar riffs. It’s like doing 95 up a mountain in a car with no windshield.

I had a chance to hear this album and I can promise you the album only gets wilder from here. Gender boundaries are bending; there are ass-kicking riffs and ass-shaking melodies. It’s a sprawling journey delivered in a tight package, and it couldn’t be more fun or more exhilarating.

Stream the album’s lead single, “Still (Everyday)” below. Pre-order packs for the album are available in the Refresh Records store.

Kegan Bradford | @franziamom

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