Review: It Doesn’t Matter – Benee

There is nothing warmer than hanging out with a group of talented musicians who come together, playing in blissful harmony. Benee sums it up beautifully with his new single, “Doesn’t Matter”.

There is something uniquely comfortable about “Doesn’t Matter”. The song doesn’t take long to get started, with just a few bars of the guitar looping looping as Benee steps in with her gorgeous vocals. The melody in which it runs through the very upbeat chord progression gives that bittersweet feeling to the composition, especially in the second half of the first chorus, especially on the lines “maybe I’m consumed with my mind / Does that hurt me? / Maybe, well. ”There’s something pretty ethereal about that in particular, especially with the lyrical content on it. It serves as a pre-chorus of sorts, since this line is repeated several times during the progression without change in the production, which is reserved for the choir itself. The simple bass / guitar / drums / vocals / synth composition of the verses is preserved in the chorus, filled in by a brief pre-chorus, but layered with harmonies and floating sounds that perfectly elevate the dynamics.The chorus is just as catchy as that aforementioned line, and its simplicity will keep you humming the tune for days on end.

“Doesn’t Matter” is a very special song that contains many values ​​without belonging particularly to any genre, and that’s because it doesn’t try to fit any mold. It just ‘just’ is, and that’s what makes it so fun and comfortable. Benee did a terrific job capturing the cinematic feeling of falling out with friends, while also being reinforced by some very difficult production elements to organically capture in an actual jam setting. And best of all, it makes it seem effortless, going perfectly with the theme of simply existing without trying.

Author: Nicolas gaudet

Music producer and writer from Dieppe, Canada.

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