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R&D manager Yahya Nuruddeen supervises several research teams. Here he explains how critics helped him make the right decision for their labs.

Yahya Nuruddeen, Avalon Pharma

Yahya Nuruddeen, Deputy Director of Analytical Research and Development at Avalon Pharma

Product reviews in the lab can change the world by helping other scientists find the best equipment to speed up their vital work. Here at SelectScience®, we are committed to promoting peer-to-peer communication that will make a difference, but we couldn’t do it without our esteemed reviewers. In this regular article, we spotlight some of our most dedicated and influential reviewers and find out what inspires them to continue sharing their knowledge with the global scientific community.

Please welcome this week’s reviewer in the spotlight, Yahya Nuruddeen, Deputy Director of Analytical Research and Development at Avalon Pharma. A focused leader with over 17 years of experience in product development and analytical research, Yahya talks to us about the scope of his laboratory duties and the direction of his work. It also explains how reviews provide important information about the performance of a laboratory product in use.

Tell me about your role and your ongoing research

Currently, I am working in the field of pharmaceutical science, in particular in the development of generic drugs, and have completed over 150 generic drug development projects. My main role is drug development in analytical science research and optimization of generic drugs to achieve biosimilar efficacy with their original products. In addition, I am also in the process of setting up a highly specialized laboratory with the latest technology and building a strong team of experts to achieve the competitive advantage of the industry.

How did you get into your specific area of ​​work?

I have been interested in scientific research and innovations since preschool. My choice in a scientific career really solidified from my chemistry experiments and projects during my early days. It fascinated me to find answers to questions that were beyond imagination. After graduation I was hired by pharmaceutical companies in India where my research career began. All of my research involved very high-tech scientific and molecular studies, the results of which were due to my good fortune to work with a wide variety of specialized laboratory instruments and assured access to almost all types of equipment. I love to dive into the pharmaceutical industry.

Yahya deen

Yahya’s main role is to optimize generic drugs to achieve biosimilar efficacy with their originator products

What does a typical day look like for you?

I have to lead my research group in the development of about 20 generically formulated pharmaceuticals per year. My team includes scientists working on different method development projects, method validations, analytical method transfers, regulator queries, troubleshooting commercial laboratory issues, and analytical method life cycle management. My other team is involved in instrumentation and calibration activities. Each year we have many new pipeline projects that require the expansion of our lab and may involve starting with an empty lab to equip with a new range of teams and instruments. Getting it up and running in a matter of months is a challenge as basic equipment purchasing decisions have to be made very quickly. The SelectScience website significantly supported this selection process and the right equipment was purchased.

How has COVID-19 affected the way you work?

COVID-19 has not had a significant effect and has not been a complete blockade for us, except for our supply chain team to secure equipment resources, for example. The pharmaceutical industry did well during this time, and we found ourselves more effective in overhauling our thinking process and work planning.

Why do you think laboratory equipment reviews are important?

Instrument makers tell us the quality of instruments and their specifications, but manufacturers do not respond to how well these instruments perform and meet their intended use. It is the real-time notification platform that gives you decisive information about them. Reviews provide unbiased opinions directly from the user. In the field, it is difficult to discern which products are user-friendly and perform consistently. These specifications are not provided in the “Methods and Materials” sections of publications, nor are they readily provided in product reviews. So I advise every user to write / read reviews to have an effective knowledge of the equipment they are working with or considering purchasing.

What is the most innovative lab equipment you use?

The equipment from which I receive the most influential data are the Orbitrap LC-MS / MS systems and the Phoenix dry heat diffusion test systems from Teledyne Hanson Research for semi-solid in vitro studies.

Yahya Luna-FX7 Logos Biosystems Review

What are your goals for scientific research?

My mission is to take an important step in health and medicine towards human prosperity thanks to a revolutionary discovery, as well as to the constitution of a team of experts and a cutting-edge laboratory equipped with different technologies to interpret and solve any problem.

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