Rig presentation: Kjetil Nernes d’Årabrot


In this episode, Norwegian visionary founder of metal, Kjetil Nernes, explains why he switched to a baritone at the Electrical Guitar Company, why he runs more Hiwatts than Pete in Leeds (and how they caught fire … many times) , and explains how a big box reader sharpens their massive tone.

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Custom Baritone Electric Guitar

Årabrot’s artistic leader, Kjetil Nernes, owns several custom instruments from the electric guitar company, but the one he uses most currently is EGC’s baritone model. He grants it to drop C and says the bari mixes well with his mate Karin Park’s Moog analog synth. It uses a custom set of Black Harbor strings (.012 – .060).

Kjetil Nernes crankset

Kjetil Nernes crankset

“I actually have a pedal board these days, which is remarkable for a guitarist like me,” says Nernes. “For years I only used Fulltone OCD and it became the backbone of Årabrot’s sound.”

He still prefers OCD for its “sharp” touch to its metallic EGC tones. The Electro-Harmonix POG2 hits its Hiwatt (Custom 200 DR201 bass amps) for additional signal amplification. (As you can see, he made up most of the octave effect.) His second Electro-Harmonix foot is the Superego, but it’s just used as a glorified synth reverb to cover 2021 material. Norwegian Gothic. A heavier, bulkier, and more repulsive gain occurs when the Hudson Electronics broadcast collides with the Fulltone OCD. And while he wasn’t plugged in for Rundown, Nernes likes to get dirty with the Gamechanger Audio Plasma pedal. Everything is powered by the Strymon Ojai.

Hiwatts galore!

Using more Hiwatts than Pete in Leeds, Nernes mixes vintage guitar heads with modern bass pillars. The guitar stacks on the left consist of two Hiwatt models from the 1970s: a DR112 Custom Built PA 100 head (left) and a venerable Custom 100 DR103. Both heads work in their own pair of Hiwatt 4×12 speakers: one is loaded with Celestions and the other with Fanes. Nernes loves the mix of speakers with guitar heads as he feels the Celestions add a current complement to his monstrous roar. The right half of the British-voice battalion features Hiwatt Custom 200 DR201 (KT88) heads paired with Hiwatt SE115410F loudspeakers loaded with four 10 “and one 15” Fane Sovereign loudspeakers.

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