Scott Storch Says 50 Cent’s ‘Candy Shop’ Was For Fat Joe

Legendary producer Scott Storch has quit Drink champions this week, and during his visit, he revealed that one of 50 Cent’s biggest hits was almost a different song by a different artist. When Storch created the instrumental for ’50s “Candy Shop,” he originally had Fat Joe in mind.

“The main part of the song, obviously, is my language, the keyboards are my drums,” Storch said. “[Fat Joe] was an inspiration to me when making it and he suggested I do the [intro].”

Joe didn’t actually help create the instrumental for “Candy Shop”, however, he came up with the song’s intro lines and is therefore credited as the songwriter.

“Is he a writer on the record? Yeah, technically,” Storch said. “I don’t take credit from him that I like collaborating with people, but in this particular instance, we were in the room, but I was doing this for him, I wasn’t doing this for 50 Cent.”

Last year, during a Verzuz with Ja Rule, Joe claimed to have produced “Candy Shop”. Storch was watching the live stream and commented, “OK, I actually did the ‘Candy Shop’. Joe helped me with the intro.


It should be noted that Storch also produced several tracks for Joe, including his 2004 hit, “Lean Back”, with Terror Squad.

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