Sports and Music Themed Gift Shop opens at Kingston Collection

KINGSTON – The sound of Rise Against music echoing through the air during workouts has helped two music and sports enthusiasts to team up again.

The combination of music and sports inspired Hilary Hartman and Amy Spencer to open a specialty gift shop inside the Cardio Sport Studio from the Kingston collection this holiday season.

Hartman, one of the owners of Cardio Sport, and Spencer, a longtime member for seven years who was looking to get more involved, are partners in the business with a new idea unique to the region.

“Our niche for the store is really about finding things that sports fans or music lovers like that can’t find elsewhere,” Hartman said. “Everything is organized to measure, like what you might get on Etsy. “

Business partners Amy Spencer of Kingston and Hilary Hartman of Duxbury invite sports fans and music lovers to the Cardio Sport gift shop in the Kingston Collection.

Spencer said when the opportunity arose to work with Hartman on the store, she thought it was a great idea. They have handpicked everything they sell and she said she hopes their customers share their interests in the different types of gifts they have to offer.

“We love music, we love sports, so it was obvious to us,” Spencer said.

Music lovers can find gifts for the holidays at the Cardio Sport gift shop.

The quick fitness classes at the Cardio Sport Studio with loud music and the training Hartman does with the sports teams help, and the training of instructors across the United States in the Cardio Sport method brings it all together.

Spencer, a resident and mother of Kingston, and Hartman, a mother of three from Duxbury, sell music and sports themed shirts for children and adults. Some of the items include sensory guitar-shaped toys, Bluetooth-enabled Rubik’s Cube speakers and record players, and slate coasters depicting four of the New England Patriots’ largest pieces.

Records and turntables are available in the new Cardio Sport gift shop with its music and sport themes.

The gifts are more personalized and personal with some of Hartman and Spencer’s favorite musicians and sports. They opened the store on November 1, in time for the start of holiday shopping.

For Spencer, his favorite Cardio Sport band is Rise Against, one of the many artists and bands the company partners with to present their music. She played all sports growing up, but her favorite sports are basketball and soccer.

For Hartman, whose father owned a record store when she was little, Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac are her favorites, but she also enjoys the alternative rock artists they present. On the sports side, she snowboarding, kayaking, white river kayaking and other extreme sports, but she also enjoys soccer and football.

The sport side of the Cardio Sport gift shop features soccer balls and sport-themed shirts.

The store is designed specifically for mall shoppers with the occasional fun or festive themed party to connect with shoppers as they look around. Cardio Sport also has an online presence.

“We really opened it up to be more of a portal to the community and to help people step back into space, not just our space but the mall in general,” Hartman said.

The retro look is in the Cardio Sport gift shop inside the Kingston collection.

The gift shop can be reached by calling 508-737-7312 or emailing [email protected] with the website offering online gifts on the website at

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