Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘Anti-Hero’ Lyric Sparks Backlash

Taylor Swift released her new song “Anti-Hero” with her new album Midnights, and like all T-Swift music, it looks like the track is on a rocket-propelled rise up the charts. That said, “Anti-Hero” is making headlines for a different reason: a particular lyric on the track that sparked a major backlash.

In the song, Taylor Swift opens the second verse by singing:

Sometimes I feel like everyone’s a sexy baby
And I’m a freak on the hill
Too big to drag
Slowly head to your favorite city
Pierced to the heart but never killed

Unsurprisingly, a lot of listeners heard the “sexy baby” line and started wondering if Taylor Swift had been hanging around Hollywood for too long and had developed some…unsavory tastes. Don’t worry Swifties: The internet and social media were quick with the receipts, pointing out that Swift was just using a term that had been floating around since Tina Fey and 30 Rock made him (in)famous in 2011.

30 Rock’s “Sexy Baby” Quote Explained

In 30 Rock S5E16 “TGS Hates Women,” Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon takes to heart when her late-night sketch show TGS is accused of being misogynistic due to sketches and jokes written by an almost all-male staff. Liz tries to hire a rising star comedian named Abby Flynn (Cristin Millioti of The Resort) for staff, but is horrified when Abby turns out to be a pigtailed bimbo with a little girl persona. The storyline focuses on Liz Lemon’s attempt to “emancipate” Abby from male-controlled social stereotypes of sexuality and embrace her more “feminist” attributes like her wit and intelligence.

The scene Taylor Swift is referring to comes when Liz tries to get her point across to Abby, telling her that by working at TGS she’s in a safe environment and can therefore drop the “Sexy Baby act”. Everything explodes in Liz’s face when she “exposes” Abby’s real name, appearance and non-sexualized personality – only to find that the girl’s facade was camouflage to hide her and get her male protection. psychotic and abusive ex-boyfriend.

What does “sexy baby” mean?

Like so much in 30 Rock, Liz Lemon’s “sexy baby” line became a meme-worthy quote that struck a deeper societal chord. If the term is hugely uncomfortable, that’s kind of the point: Tina Fey was making a very real reference to society’s muddled views on making young girls dress in more sexually provocative clothes; older women to dress or present themselves in younger fashions – truly the hidden specter of child abuse and exploitation of underage girls that has now become common knowledge in a post “Me Too” era , but was a small but damning signal from 30 Rock back in 2011.

Why does Taylor Swift use the lyrics to “Sexy Baby” Son?

Although it will probably explain itself (eventually), Taylor Swift’s “sexy baby” lyrics in “Anti-Hero” seem to be about her vision and/or her insecurity of not fitting in, physically, in the typical Hollywood/celebrity beauty image. and glamorous.

As Swift sees the creepy “sexy baby” looking around her in Hollwyood, in her large body she seems to feel apart of that persona, posing as a Kaiju monster “pitching” towards a city (Godzilla, King Kon, etc. …).

It’s both condemnation of modern beauty standards and self-mockery in one set of lyrics. Classic T-Swift!

Hot baby? WTF? !

If there is a winner for “Most WTF Lyric” on MidnightsThat’s it.

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Sexy baby explained

…Not the gross thing you’re probably thinking of.

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No, your favorite wholesome pop star hasn’t gone crazy. It was the 2000s.

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Twilight gets it

The last time pop culture got uncomfortable like THIS was thanks to Jacob and Esme in Twilight: the breaking dawn.

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Too old for Swift?

Is 30 Rock a reference that Taylor Swift would even make? I mean, the show is still popular, but…

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This is (again) a clear demonstration of the failures of the American education (entertainment) system.


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