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Locally loved concert space in western Massachusetts Gateway to the arts of the city, located in downtown Holyoke and run by independent music promoters Iron Horse Entertainment, has made a celebrated return to its live music capabilities. The unique industrial-style venue has hosted major shows from Julien Baker, Delvon Lemar Organ Trio, members of moe., And more in recent months.

This past weekend, the unique venue hosted a night of the indie folk quartet’s ongoing co-tour Accidental and singer-songwriter Sawyer Frédéric. Together, the two groups delivered an evening of intimate yet radiant music that stretched across the face of modern Americana in an array of its popular forms – indie folk, coffeeshop blues, stomp-and string orchestra. -holler.

The Accidentals |  Gateway to the arts of the city

The Accidentals kicked off their half of the show with the title track from their newest album, The Vessel. Acclaimed during their nearly ten years as a trio, the band has supplemented their sound enormously in recent times with a new fourth member, Patty, who handles both electric guitar and bass with a skillful hand. She helps Michael Cause’s drums, as well as Katie Larson’s rhythm-style cello, maintain a characteristic crisp string rock sound. Savannah Buist’s violin, also released straight away, strikes with impact, producing a magnificent and harsh sound. Larson’s cello playing is the perfect match, with Buist creating alternative orchestral genre music that is both powerful and energizing and moody and touching.

The Accidentals |  Gateway to the arts of the city

It’s songwriting for which the Accidentals receive much of their most constant adulation from their fans, and fans aren’t out of place. For a group of musicians all around 24-25 years old, they released heavy stuff, not just lyrical, but also melodic. It wouldn’t be so far off to suspect fresh-eyed artists like these of having a poor, crazed poetic genius locked in a secluded hut who receives food and water in return for every brilliant piece of music he does. they compose. But the most likely explanation here is that these kids are no longer packing a deep well of talent, which, if the universe wills, will provide material for a long and lauded musical career.

The Accidentals |  Gateway to the arts of the city

Surprisingly funky silt jam “Leaves” that may remind listeners of their collaborations with Keller Williams, or the laconic “Cityview” the band gifted to Gateway after a charming and sprawling reflection on the prospects for life inspired by a festival. . One of the most captivating moments of The Accidentals’ evening portion was the impeccable performance of “Bird’s Eye View,” the remarkable instrumental original that concludes their brand new album. Buist and Larson sat on the floor in the center of the stage and created an incredible tap-style fingerpicking surprise, while Cause provided the sound of the instrumental around the fire in the woods on hand drums.

Sawyer Fredericks |  Gateway to the arts of the city

Remember Rodriguez, that surprisingly fantastic artist from Chicago with the bizarre musical documentary? Sawyer Fredericks, headlining this night at Gateway City Arts, channels the sound and feel of music like this very closely. Like The Accidentals, he started his part of the night with the title track from his somewhat recent new album, Flowers for you, and in doing so, immediately revealed all the color of his artistic style – a kind of groovy blues, yet comfortable and inviting.

Sawyer Fredericks |  Gateway to the arts of the city

Fredericks also immediately demonstrates why her unique lead voice, childish and innocent but also gritty at the same time, is one of the main stars of the show. But he also has a respectable group backing him up, providing him with muscle on his most messy bits and pieces. The guitarist gets an evil tone, and that night took on some mouthwatering solos, however brief they might be.

Sawyer Fredericks with the Accidentals

Fredericks and The Accidentals showcased a healthy musical kinship that greatly binds the night together. The two groups delighted fans at every stop with some landmark collaborations, such as the co-written song “Lies You Tell”, followed by a final green hall-style acoustic performance of a wistful and truly enjoyable little track called ” Shine on.”

The Accidentals |  Gateway to the arts of the city

This week before Halloween, The Accidentals and Sawyer Fredericks continue to share scenes together in Philadelphia, Annapolis, Washington DC, Charlotte, Atlanta and Nashville. To find out what they do and buy tickets, visit their websites at and

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