The best-selling guitars of 2022

Every year, we like to pause and take stock of the year’s best-selling gear. What’s hot? What is not? And how do this year’s winners compare to previous bestsellers?

Yesterday we explored the best-selling synths and electronic gear of 2022. Today we’re looking at guitars, with pedals, amps and recording gear to follow.

Below, we take a few different looks at the guitar market: Our first list is an overview of the best-selling guitars that came out in 2022, including electric, acoustic and bass guitars. After that, we also look at overall sales across all of those subcategories.

To note: All rankings are determined by the total number of orders, i.e. the actual number of items sold, not the total price of items sold. Reverb-exclusive releases are not reflected in these rankings. And because Reverb welcomes individual sellers, independent bricks and mortars, and manufacturers, our rankings include all sales, whether new or used.

Best Selling Guitars Released in 2022

A few things worth noting from the list above:

  • It should come as no surprise that the PRS SE Silver Sky is the year’s top seller, since it was the affordable version of the John Mayer Signature Silver Sky that was itself a top-selling guitar last year (and this year, as you can see below). ).
  • Squier’s super cool Baritone Custom Tele has led a number of budget Fender brand new releases, like the 40th anniversary models on the list. This new baritone is also a good companion for another guitar that had a very big year, the Classic Vibe Bass VI from Squier.
  • Polyphia’s Tim Henson is one of the most impressive and popular modern guitarists, and the rapid sales of his newly released nylon-string electro-acoustic signature are a testament to his growing influence. (While the high sales of the limited-edition George Harrison Rocky Strat prove there’s still plenty of love from the “boomer bend” crowd.)
  • Yamaha’s Revstar series received an overhaul earlier this year and two Revstar II models make it onto this best-selling list. Chambered body guitars are lighter than they look and are great bargains, priced at $799.

Best Selling Electric Guitars of 2022

One of the stories from last year that came out of our best-selling guitars list was that the original PRS John Mayer Silver Sky outsold all of the American-made Fenders on Reverb. This year, that’s no longer true, with the American Professional II Strat overtaking the American-made Silver Sky. But what’s true is that the Korean-made SE Silver Sky outperformed every other guitar model on Reverb, no matter where in the world they were built.

One notable finalist that nearly cracked the Top 20 is the Kramer Baretta Special, a $179 powerhouse that also sold incredibly well this year.

The best-selling bass guitars of 2022

The Beatles’ So be it documentary released last Thanksgiving has spurred interest in one of the most surprising gear cameos: the band’s Fender VI. While these six-string basses had sold moderately well previously, Squier’s Classic Vibe Bass VI model – the only Bass VI in current production – got all the extra attention.

Although it tops our list of best-selling basses, it occupies a sonic space closer to a baritone than a standard bass. So if you’re curious, if it had been included in our best-selling guitar list above, it would have come in at #10, just after the Squier Affinity Telecaster.

Best Selling Acoustic Guitars of 2022

This 2022 bestseller list for acoustic guitars is remarkably similar to last year’s. Once again, the Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy, a parlor guitar under $200, tops the list. It is followed by the Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster, up one spot from last year and just one of many Acoustasonic models on this list.

Travel guitars, which as a class have sold well over the past two years, continue to be well represented here, with several Taylor GS Minis and smaller Martins claiming spots in the Top 20.

What stands out to you in our bestseller lists? Let us know.

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