The Most Shocking, Gross, Weirdest Moments From THE BOYS Season 3 (Part 2)

The boys season three is full of weird, shocking, gross and very NSFW content. We’ve been following it all here at nerdist, and that’s the whole task. In fact, there are so many wild moments that we had to split our coverage, cutting the season in half. For all the WTF moments from episodes one through four, head over to our original post. And, if you’re here for the latest and greatest bloody, funny and game-changing hits, stick around and check out all the great moments from The boys episodes five through eight below.

Episode 5 – “The Last Time to Watch This World of Lies”

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Homelander’s Very Bad Board Meeting

Homelander runs his first board meeting, and it goes horribly wrong due to his fragile ego. He treats a woman, Maureen, terribly for simply asking a question about the earnings call numbers because he feels threatened. As Stan had warned him, he knows nothing and is going to ruin everything. And this idiot put Deep in charge of crime analysis. Just bad all around.

Maeve and Butcher’s Late Night Romp

Butcher continues to break his bounds of supreme hatred by having sex with Maeve. He’s in a very interesting place right now, saying he wants all supes (good and bad) to die while clearly having feelings for Maeve and continuing to use temporary powers to his advantage.

Kumiko loses her powers

She is thrilled to be rid of the powers she never asked for, hoping to live a normal life. And it looks like she wants to live it out with Frenchie after kissing him. This leads into the musical moment that the show has been teasing on social media for a while…and I love it.

Blue Hawk’s “Supe Lives Matter” Moment

He is the epitome of someone wielding power over people he fundamentally hates. Blue Hawk says he’s not a racist but he is, and he proves it at the apology meeting A-Train holds in his predominantly black community. He makes jokes about being “cancelled” and his apology turns into a disaster when he’s rightly called out for being terrible. Oh, and he says “Supe Lives Matter” and calls them the ingrates. Blue Hawk seriously injures several people right in front of A-Train, really pissing him off and showing him how awful things are from an unselfish point of view. His brother Nate ends up being badly injured, crippling him.

Soldier Boy Explodes in the Streets - The Boys shocking moments season three episode five
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Welcome to the city, Soldier Boy

Oh my. Soldier Boy somehow comes back to town and hears a song on the radio that triggers him. He has a flashback, and just like we saw in the last episode, a bright light shoots out from his chest. But this time it’s bigger and destroys an entire city block. Good time.

Homelander Fighting Cancel Culture…and People Love It

Well, doesn’t that sound familiar to you. A white man comes on TV as if he’s somehow oppressed when he’s the culprit of the mess. This causes a rift between MM and his ex-wife’s new boyfriend – who is a white man – because he buys into it and encourages his daughter to watch. Big yikes all around.

All about the legend

He’s wild as hell. The legend, The boys’ Parody of Stan Lee, casually offers cocaine to Hughie in the middle of a conversation, is a friend of Soldier Boy and admits to hating his children. And apparently Butcher made him lose his leg. But he has the information that helps them get closer to Soldier Boy.

Maeve on The Boys Season Three Episode Five, for The Most Shocking, Rude, and WTF Moments in The Boys Season Three article
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Maeve calls Homelander… and gets kidnapped

To call him a paranoid malignant narcissist is a timely observation. But, of course, he knows she was involved with Butcher (in more ways than one). And he sends people to take him who knows where. The plot thickens.

Kimiko’s Dancing Break

It’s so pure. She imagines her life with her man, Frenchie, music and a fun dance number in the hospital. This lighthearted, wacky moment is the best, feeling both online and completely out of place during this dark season. But it’s only fleeting with Frenchie leaving her room confused and not coming back after Nina grabs him. Poor Miko is alone.

Crimson Countess and Sir Cums-A-Lot 779 for The Boys season three episode five most shocking moments articles, man watching live stream
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Crimson Countess and Sir Cums-A-Lot 779

Crimson Countess has an interesting second job doing sex work on a live stream. She has pearls to glue, well, you know where on camera while a client (played by Seth Rogen) does his own thing. Her pleasure session is blocked when Butcher, Hughie and MM burst in and disrupt the moment. Very clumsy. Plus, $19.50 per minute is a great rate.

Boucher betrays MM for Soldier Boy

We knew Butcher wasn’t just trying to help MM take down Soldier Boy. He deactivates MM and offers Crimson Countess (who betrayed Soldier Boy) to the newly reactivated hero. It is in exchange that Soldier Boy helps him and Hughie kill Homelander. This drives an even bigger rift with Hughie and Butcher teaming up with Soldier Boy while MM and Starlight are hurt and betrayed.

The Boys The most shocking moments of season 3

The boys the third season has only just begun. We’ll continue to follow all of his weirdest, craziest, grossest, and most shocking moments as the season progresses.

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