The romantic comedy that ruined Madonna’s acting career

The movie in question is 2002’s “Swept Away,” starring Madonna and directed by her then-husband, Guy Ritchie. A remake of Lina Wertmüller’s critically acclaimed Italian satire of the same name, the film is about a privileged socialite (Madonna) who finds herself stranded on a desert island with a luxury cruise ship sailor (Adriano Giannini).

It should have been a home run, just the right combination of funny, unique and exciting, with source material that matched Madonna’s taste for provocation. But instead, the movie itself was kind of a wreck, which led to devastating titles like The Guardian‘the statement that ‘Madonna and Ritchie’s film is being swept away by a tide of vitriol’. Meanwhile, The Washington Post promised its readers that “Swept Away” was “as awful as you heard it and as bad as you imagined it”. Not the kind of reviews everyone was hoping for, sure.

The public wasn’t much nicer, at least not to their wallets. box office mojo has the film’s pitiful worldwide gross barely exceeding the $1 million margin, while its audience scores on rotten tomatoes is a 28 percent dark green. While some notorious flops (think “Ishtar” or “Blade Runner”) achieve cult status, that doesn’t seem to have happened with “Swept Away” and is unlikely to happen in the future. . Later in 2002, Madonna sang the title track and appeared in a cameo from a scene in the James Bond adventure “Die Another Day”, but other than that she mostly stayed away from the comedy. A look at contemporary reviews of “Swept Away” is probably enough to explain why.

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