The Ventures’ Mark on Northwest Music History: Now Until Now

  • Washington runs out of free Covid tests soon after the new website goes live.
  • Should it be illegal to sell/use a fake vaccine card?
  • Why Don Wilson and The Ventures were so important in North West music history.

This post originally appeared in KUOW’s Today So Far newsletter on January 24, 2022.

On Friday, Washington launched a new effort to send free home Covid tests to residents across the state. Over the weekend, the state ran out. Washington aims to send 3 million free Covid tests, but it turns out the state only had about 650,000 on hand. So this morning, if you tried to order the tests through the state’s website, you received a message that there was an “overwhelming response” in the past two days. More details in our pandemic blog.

I checked with the Department of Health this morning and although officials ‘expected the need for test kits would quite quickly outstrip state supply’, they wanted to get what they had out sooner rather than later. possible. The DOH doesn’t have a date for when new tests will arrive in Washington, but expects more “soon.” When that happens, the DOH will start taking more orders for free Covid testing.

I should note that Washington’s free Covid testing effort is separate from the federal program that sends out free tests through the Postal Service. These will soon start to be sent.

Getting Covid tests has been a challenge recently with many stores selling out quickly. In fact, Seattle Public Schools warehouse workers had to drive for hours through ice and snow just to get a supply of 60,000 tests for students and staff.

In news related to the pandemic, Washington lawmakers are considering making it illegal to sell or use fake vaccine cards. Think of it this way: it’s illegal to show a fake ID to enter a bar; now it could become illegal to show a fake vaccination card to enter a restaurant, theater, etc. when vaccination is required. Read more details here.

The Adventures

Finally, one of the first records I remember listening to (kids, ask your parents what a vinyl record is) was an album by The Ventures (kids, now ask your parents what a album). This group was one of a handful that defined surf rock as it emerged in the 1960s. As a child, I always imagined the Ventures singing their guitars on a sunny California beach. I was surprised to learn that these influential sounds came from two masons in Tacoma.

This weekend we lost the co-founder Don Wilson, who died in Tacoma at the age of 88. His musical partner and fellow Ventures founder Bob Bogle died in 2009. I could go on and on about their influence on music and pop culture, earning them a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. . In short, they were the force behind hits like “Walk Don’t Run” or Hawaii’s theme song Five-0. A few years ago, KUOW recognized them as one of the top 10 songs that define Washington’s music history.

The surf rock scene arrived in waves, beaming with that early 1950s vibe. As Bogle and Wilson entered the pipeline to the afterlife, The Ventures’ influence continues to this day, whether you listen a Pixies song or attend festivals like Surf by Surfwest in Seattle. And if you’re looking for a modern example, I recommend The Seatopians, The Evanstones or the Cosmic Wrays – just a handful of North West surf bands dropping new tunes today.

Before Jimi changed guitar music, and before “grunge” was all the rage, the Ventures were among the first to show the world that the North West had musical assets to show.

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