Thieves hit window with billiard ball, steal bass guitar from Highland music store

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – The owner of a Highland music store is on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind bass guitar after he says thieves stole it from the storefront.

Brett Ralph told WAVE News he noticed a hole in the side window of his store, Surface Noise, on Friday morning. He looked up and also noticed that his custom hand-painted Epiphone bass guitar was missing from the screen.

Ralph said he quickly called a handyman to help him fit the window and, while the two were working, he found a number 13 billiard ball lying on the floor near the broken window.

Ralph thought whoever committed the crime used the ball to do it.

“Desperate times bring desperate actions, and we live in an increasingly desperate society,” Ralph said. “It was number 13 and I was born on a Friday the 13th. So ironically 13 is my lucky number, and that’s what they used to break my window.

The guitar, of course, is worth more in sentimental value than in money.

Ralph, a retired teacher, bought it for $100 from a student who was moving across the country. Since then, Ralph’s bandmate has constantly played it at their gigs.

The guitar has also become a staple of Surface Noise’s window display, symbolizing what the Baxter Avenue store stands for.

“I want everything in this store to be an object worthy of your attention and interest,” Ralph said. “So just very carefully selected, cool and beautiful things, and this bass was one of them.”

Ralph took photos and posted them on Facebook, where they were shared hundreds of times.

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“It’s a vote of confidence for me that [my customers] feel wronged because I was wronged,” Ralph said. “And it’s good to know that my community has my back.”

Ralph says he’ll scour social media to see if anyone will try to resell the guitar on an aftermarket.

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