Thirsty for clean water? Want food security? Find everything you need for water, environmental, and food and drink testing. Envirotech online

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Find ready-to-use test kits, instruments, accessories and test strips for water, environmental, and food & beverage analysis organized by both product category and type of workflows to quickly find what you need in the extensive and reliable Supelco® portfolio.

Areas of application include:

  • Wastewater analysis
  • Drinking water analysis
  • Food and beverage analysis (raw materials, in-process control and QC)
  • Control of chemical residues after disinfection control
  • Soil and environmental testing
  • Cooling and boiler water tests

The products include:

  • Spectroquant® Photometry Systems with Test Kits and Accessories
  • RQflex20 reflectometer and test strips
  • MQuant® test strips and readers for pH and many other parameters
  • MQuant® colorimetric and titrimetric test kits

Thirst for clean water – Find everything you need for your daily water analyzes

We have been a leader in providing tools for rapid and accurate environmental and water analysis for over 100 years. Need a quick on-site analysis? Easily test for COD, ammonia, nitrate content (and more) in accordance with the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act. Test other water parameters? From arsenic to zinc, our reliable test systems and kits allow you to easily and efficiently analyze any compound in your water in accordance with international regulations. Whether your test is on the bench or on site, whether the water is in pipes, bottles or lakes, we help you test it with the utmost precision to make sure the water is safe to sip, sip on. or splash. .

Hungry for food security – Find the ingredients you need for your analysis

Food and beverage producers face increasing safety regulations and must perform detailed raw material analyzes, in-process controls, quality testing and hygiene monitoring. Our fast, portable on-site test kits and test strips for analysis of chemical and microbiological contamination are designed to help you get your product to market faster. You can accurately monitor food and beverage quality with high sensitivity using our photometers and test kits. Do you have a complex determination? We offer reagents and certified reference standards for in-depth analysis. We have all the ingredients for every workflow recipe.

Search by parameter to find the best test and instrument for your application

From semi-quantitative analysis to quantitative precision, our products cover a wide range of applications and concentrations. And whether you are looking for a quick and easy analysis of a parameter, whether it is more complex or needs to meet regulatory requirements, you can easily find exactly what you need.

To find your desired product:

  • Select your test parameter (listed alphabetically)
  • Find the right measuring range
  • Choose the most suitable technique and product
  • Use catalog numbers to purchase products directly from our website, sales teams, or your preferred distributor

Get all the tools you need for secure analysis and monitoring from a trusted source. Our high-quality instruments and test kits give you complete confidence in the quality of your results.

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